“When Apple promised that new iMacs later in the year would include pro machines, it wasn’t messing around,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “The new iMac Pro slated for release later this year won’t just be the most powerful iMac Apple has ever made, it will be ‘the most powerful Mac ever.'”

“So if you get these kind of specs from Apple’s all-in-one offering, and it’s promising an all-new Mac Pro machine later, surely that one has to deliver truly incredible performance to remain ahead of the iMac?” Lovejoy writes. “Well, maybe – but not necessarily.”

“The iMac Pro is going to be a phenomenally powerful machine – but it’s not going to be very upgradable,” Lovejoy writes. “Sure, you’ll be able to hang things off those Thunderbolt 3 ports, including external graphics cards, but it looks like internal upgrades won’t be an option. Not even the RAM.”

Apple's all new iMac Pro staring at $4999, available in December 2017

Apple’s all new iMac Pro staring at $4999, available in December 2017

“Expect the new Mac Pro to be a higher spec than the iMac Pro – Apple has promised that much – but don’t necessarily expect it to be in a different league,” Lovejoy writes. “What you should expect is the ability to configure it to you own needs, and to be able to upgrade it over time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Think iMac Pro, but in a user-extensible case and with the option of buying very nice, very expensive Apple-branded, Apple-designed display(s) to go along with it. Sans displays, the new Mac Pro is very likely to cost significantly less than the breathtaking (but, when you peruse the specs, actually very well-priced) iMac Pro.

The iMac Pro will be a brute and well worth the money to its target market.

And, yes, we’re still amazed that Apple let themselves fall so far behind on Mac desktops. That iMac Pro doesn’t ship until “December” (meaning not until Q1 2018 in quantity) is an appalling display of utter mismanagement. It’s a good thing for Tim Cook and Apple’s brass that Steve Jobs left them the iPhone to mask over all of their mistakes that the casual observer can’t even see, but which are painfully obvious to the rest of us.

Apple’s all new iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac ever, starts at $4,999; arrives this December – June 5, 2017