“Apple is advancing its data accuracy efforts with Apple Maps, according to a new report from iGeneration,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “The report details a new website app program where freelancers can sign up and get paid a small fee each time they correct/verify a Point-of-Interest or placemark in Apple Maps.”

“Similar to a Mechanical Turk system, people in the program can get paid about 54 cents per task, with a maximum of 600 tasks per week,” Mayo reports. “In late 2016, reports indicated Apple wanted to deploy flying drones for ground truth efforts to keep Maps updated and accurate. The iGeneration article from today indicates another way that the company is trying to catch up to Google Maps, with sheer human manpower.”

“According to the report’s source, Apple is going to ramp up its deployment of this service later this month,” Mayo reports. “It appears the company has been refining the verification rules for the last year and is now ready to hand out tasks en masse.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, now, if you’re sick and tired of seeing that mistake, you might be able to get paid (a bit) to fix it yourself! Apple Maps could get even better very quickly once this is up and running.