Apple has released four new videos in their “How to Shoot with iPhone 7” videos.

• How to shoot a sunset silhouette
• How to shoot a bold and simple image
• How to shoot a horizon
• How to shoot with street light

These new videos join thirteen previous videos bringing the current total to 17 “How to Shoot with iPhone 7” videos. The first videos in the series debuted on May 11, 2017.

• How to shoot with zoom
• How to convert to black & white
• How to shoot a one-handed selfie
• How to edit a selfie
• How to shoot stills while filming
• How to shoot a selfie with the timer
• How to capture a unique angle
• How to shoot during golden hour
• How to shoot a great portrait (for iPhone 7 Plus owners only)
• How to shoot a close-up
• How to shoot a vertical Pano
• How to shoot without a flash
• How to shoot action

Looking to become an expert user of Apple’s Camera app? Watch Apple’s “How to Shoot” playlist: