Apple Orchard Road opens in Singapore

Apple’s first store in Southeast Asia opened to customers on Saturday, May 27.

Apple Orchard Road opened Saturday to thousands of customers who queued to explore Apple’s first store in Southeast Asia.

Braving the equatorial heat as early as Friday night, customers were greeted by Apple’s Angela Ahrendts and the store’s 237 employees when doors opened at 10 a.m.

The 120-foot glass facade blurs the barrier between inside and out, while 16 interior trees continue the city’s lush greenery throughout the space.

Apple Orchard Road exterior

Twin curved Castagna stone staircases are the architectural highlight of Apple Orchard Road.

Apple Orchard Road staircase

Apple Stores around the world welcome over 1 million customers a day.

More info about Apple Orchard Road here.


  1. OK, stick a silver embedded Apple logo on the wall behind the girl that just bought an iMac. The one having her picture taken. Make it out of Liquid Metal.

    It’s not rocket science, but it would be classy and would make many come to do the same thing.

  2. This is the reason Apple keeps advancing in the eyes of people who go there. Apple stores just reek High Living. The feeling people get when they visit these stores is that while Apple costs a bit, they are buying into things that “only the rich can afford” yet the price is not that much higher than the cheap crap.

    That is the big difference. People get the feeling that they can move up in the world even if its only on small things. And that is a good feeling for them.

    Its the same thing where people buy a good condition BMW. It allows them to feel a little better about their lives.

    And to those who don’t get it yet…. Many people cannot afford living in the nice part of town, having an expensive house or car…. but they can have a nice set of clothes, some nice costume jewelry or an Apple watch, an iPhone in a nice case…. and when they go out, they can feel better about their lives, even if its just until midnight and the coach turns back into a pumpkin.

    Just a thought.

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