Apple Maps now offers 3D models of Apple Park, Steve Jobs Theater, walkways, and more

“Apple in a recent update to Apple Maps enhanced coverage of the Apple Park campus area in Cupertino, Calif., with the app now displaying 3D building models, walkways and other points of interest across the sprawling grounds,” AppleInsider reports.

“Apple Park data now includes a comprehensive ‘Map’ view with highly detailed 3D building models, roads running into and out of the campus — complete with traffic directions — pedestrian walkways and more,” AppleInsider reports. “The map even shows a small manmade pond that sits within the walls of the main “spaceship” building.”

“While the Steve Jobs Theater is labeled with its own Maps informational tag, the ring-shaped office building is not,” AppleInsider reports. “Ancillary buildings like the R&D facility, fitness center and above ground parking structures also lack labels.”

Apple Maps now offers 3D models of Apple Park, Steve Jobs Theater, walkways, and more
Apple Maps now offers 3D models of Apple Park, Steve Jobs Theater, walkways, and more


Apple Maps' 3D model of Apple Park campus
Apple Maps’ 3D model of Apple Park campus

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MacDailyNews Take: Very nice. Looks great in Maps for Mac as well as for Maps for iOS.


    1. A good question, since the previous Mac Pro design cratered and its engineers were reassigned to dilettante projects. It seems as though a hastily rejiggered Mac Pro team hasn’t got its own space yet.

      Despite Apple’s recent pledges to the pro user community, and despite their earnestly crossing their hearts and declaring scout’s honour, I’m not convinced they’re putting their money where their mouth is.

      I think they were just buying time, hoping the dissent would die down, and then they could go off and do whatever they wanted. But it won’t work because this isn’t politics, it’s a real-life work environment with real consequences.

  1. And yet, my neighborhood in Happy Valley, Oregon still has images from 7 years ago while Google’s maps are totally updated.
    Why is it so hard to access new map images?

  2. I find all this fussing over the new Apple headquarters building to be very discouraging. And a clear warning that Apple has lost its direction.

    Who cares about Apple Park? Not me as an Apple customer.

    I care about the Apple Ecosystem being taken down piece by piece, about the lack of support for modern, advanced Macs and the high prices for the current Macs that are making me tell friends that they seriously should look at a Windoze machine since they can’t afford somewhat behind the curve Mac.

    It’s pathetic.

    1. That’s a misprint, in the lower left quadrant. Should be “Mating Room.” It’s well-known that all secret facilities have experimental breeding programs.

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