“Microsoft selling a MacBook killer called the Surface Laptop. Think of it as a modestly powered Windows 10-based PC notebook with a touchscreen and priced hundreds less than a MacBook. Until you match hardware specifications. Then it’s priced the same. Up the specifications even more and it’s priced the same as a MacBook Pro. So, no, it’s not a MacBook killer but it does come with a killer feature,” Wil Gomez writes for Mac360. “Windows 10 S.”

“If anything, it’s Windows 10 S that is a Chromebook killer, not a MacBook killer,” Gomez writes. “Why? First, it’s only available on the cheapest of Windows-based PCs. Second, it only runs applications from the Windows App Store. No Photoshop for you. No Google Chrome browser, either. If you want to run those and other popular applications on a Windows 10 S device you need to upgrade and that comes with a $50 price tag.”

“What kind of social noise would you hear across the world if Apple followed in Microsoft’s footsteps and sold a MacBook for $999 that only ran macOS Sierra Lite? You know, the version of macOS that could only run apps from the Mac App Store,” Gomez writes. “And if you wanted to run such third party applications that did not have Mac App Store counterparts, you’d have to pay Apple $50 extra to unlock the privilege.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Almost everything Microsoft does is focused on “how can it help us?” not “how can it help our customers?”

That is why Microsoft fails spectacularly and routinely.

They simply cannot compete with Apple in the markets in which Apple chooses to compete – and Apple isn’t even really trying.

Microsoft has become The Black Knight of personal computing. Just an impotent cube with a big mouth.

Apple will find it hard to ignore Microsoft’s new $999 Surface Laptop – May 2, 2017