“Some our friends from Foxconn confirmed that Foxconn received an order for two new models,” Chris Chang writes for MIC Gadget. “It [will] mean that Apple will be releas[ing] two, not three models.”

“Rumors say that Apple will be releas[ing] two iPhone 7S and one iPhone 8 (or iPhone Edition) models,” Chang writes. “Today we can tell you, that it’s not true. In this fall we can see only two models with new technology.”

“Foxconn will begin to receive the first deliveries of the material for packing the goods in the last week of the June,” Chang writes. “It [will] mean that we can see more about name[s] and specifications in first month of summer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, no “iPhone 7s” or “iPhone “7s Plus,” just all-new “iPhone 8” and “iPhone 8 Plus?” The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus would stick around as the mid-range and iPhone SE as the entry, presumably.

Whatever the actual names are, just kill of the stupid self-defeating “S” nomenclature already.