“The last quarter of 2016 was Apple’s biggest ever. $78.4 billion in revenues. 78.3 million iPhones. Both records,” Horace Dediu writes for Asymco. “Earnings of $3.36 and cash reached new highs. The growth was modest but Services is now not just the second largest revenue but also the fastest growing, on track to doubling in four years.”

“The reason for this is the vastness of Apple’s user base coupled with the loyalty the brand engenders. The company reached one billion active devices more than a year ago and is quite likely to have nearly a billion users,” Dediu writes. “Not just any billion either – the best billion most probably.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hee Haw!

“Let’s look at the next quarter,” Dediu writes. “The company has been very precise with its own offered predictions (guidance) so it’s a simple task to make an accurate forecast.”

Much more — including Dediu’s unit sale estimates for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and more — in the full article here.

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