“NBC announced an agreement with the board representing its independent TV station affiliates for opting in to NBCUniversal’s distribution deals for new over-the-top streaming services,” Todd Spangler reports for Variety. “The deal also provides a framework for “TV Everywhere” distribution rights for pay-TV subscribers.”

“The pact is supposed to grease the skids for national over-the-top TV services — like DirecTV Now, Dish’s Sling TV, YouTube TV, Sony’s PlayStation Vue and Hulu’s forthcoming live TV service — to acquire rights to stream local TV programming,” Spangler reports. “The goal: to provide a pathway for local stations to internet TV (as opposed to NBC licensing a national feed for its content to OTT providers).”

Spangler reports, “NBC has more than 200 affiliated stations across the U.S., in addition to its owned-and-operated 11 local NBC television stations.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Right now, depending on your location, services like Sony’s Playstation Vue (the best one of the bunch; also the worst-named) might offer some networks as On-Demand-only. Meaning you can’t watch live TV. If, for example, your Vue service only offers the local CBS affiliate live, then guess which network gets watched the most? CBS.

As we can see with NBC today, the other major networks are waking up to the fact that they will have to get on board sooner than later. Once they do, no more digital TV antennas!

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