“Apple’s newest video app Clips, released in early April, makes it easy for professionals to create mobile videos with transcribed text and effects,” Conner Forrest writes for TechRepublic. “Clips was created with social media in mind, and it could help social media experts and marketers more readily generate video content for their brands.”

“Videos can be captured within the Clips app, or users can import existing video clips or photos from their device’s library,” Forrest writes. “Using the pinch and drag functionality that iOS is known for, users can add a zoom or panning effect for a little bit of flair.”

“Live Titles, which automatically transcribes text on the screen while you speak, is the core feature for professionals in Clips. Using Live Titles, businesses could easily create product demonstrations, or how-to videos, as well as creating video that can be watched in an office setting with the sound off,” Forrest writes. “Clips has streamlined the Share Sheet, making it much easier to share content with frequent contacts. If Apple decides to roll out the changes to all of iOS, it could provide more capacity for productivity among enterprise iOS users.”

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MacDailyNews Note: More info and download link for Apple’s free Clips app here.

Apple announces Clips: The fun, new way to create expressive videos on iOS; free app launches in April – March 21, 2017