“British company Imagination Tech announced earlier this week that Apple will stop using its graphics processing unit at some point in the following two years,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. “Imagination stock tanked almost immediately, with the news wiping more than £500 million from the company’s market capitalization.”

“Apple stayed quiet, but the confirmation that it’s developing its own GPU for the iPhone is probably the best iPhone news we got all year,” Smith writes. “Apple may be getting ready to revolutionize mobile GPUs just as it did with mobile CPUs a few years ago.”

Smith writes, “The move is crucial for the future of the iPhone and maybe even the Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Custom hardware married to custom software is something Apple’s would-be rivals simply cannot match. Already, iPhone does far more with less RAM and less power than the Android iPhone knockoffs. The same with iPad vs. fragmandroid tablets. The gulf will only widen.

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