“In the early days at Macminicolo, many customers were glad to have a Mac focused colo company. In addition to their Mac minis, they’d also send in their Xserve for colocation,” Brian Stucki writes for MacStadium. “We had plenty of space so we were happy to bring them in. Also revenue is nice for a new company.”

“As the Mac mini became Apple’s most popular server, we started to phase out the Xserve hosting. These machines were six times the size and way more power hungry than the Mac mini so they weren’t as profitable for us,” Stucki writes. “Here we are in 2017 and we’re bringing back a second life for the Xserve. Since Macminicolo merged with MacStadium, we now have more space and many more options for Mac mini, Mac Pro, and 1U servers like the Xserve. While Mac Pro is definitely our focus, I feel like I owe the Xserve fans an update.”

Stucki writes, “All of our Xserves have the 8Core 2.93GHz processor and 48 or 96GB of RAM…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Xserve lives!

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