“Steve Jobs could be pretty forthright, even abrasive, in interviews with prospective new employees,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac. “Tim Cook, on the other hand? It’s all about the power of silence.”

“In a new interview to promote her book Radical Candor: Be A Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity, former Apple and Google employee Kim Scott reveals what it’s like to interview with Apple’s CEO,” Dormehl reports, “and how she was saved from talking herself out of a job.”

Dormehl reports, “‘Tim Cook is what I call a quiet listener,’ Scott said. ‘When I interviewed at Apple, somebody warned me, ‘‘Tim is extremely quiet. Don’t let it unnerve you.””

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MacDailyNews Take: Once, one of us had aced the interview and we just knew the job was ours (not at Apple; at a very large TV station), but the interviewer closed with “Tell me a joke.”

Caught off-guard, he had nothing. Well, didn’t get that job! (It worked out for the best anyway.) 🙂

Afterwards, our hapless interviewee used that line to close every job interview he conducted, too. The response to “Tell me a joke” is quite revealing.

Do you have any good interview stories?