“Apple gave us Siri, Microsoft gave us Cortana, Amazon gave us Alexa, Google gave us, um, Google, and now Samsung has officially introduced its new AI-powered assistant to the world,” Paul Sawers reports for VentureBeat.

“After months of speculation that its new mobile assistant would be called Bixby, Samsung has now confirmed that Bixby is indeed the name of the assistant, which the company says is “fundamentally different” from the myriad voice-powered assistants already out there,” Sawers reports. “Samsung says Bixby differs from the competition in that it will be able to support ‘almost’ every task the app is capable of through through the touchscreen.”

“We already knew that Samsung is preparing for a March 29 launch of its next flagship phone, which will unsurprisingly be called the Galaxy S8, and we reported back in January that Bixby would likely have a dedicated button on the side of the device,” Sawers reports. “Samsung has now confirmed that to be the case, as is seeks to make enlisting the assistant’s help as frictionless as possible.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We love how Google lost control of their platform with the larger Android peddlers diluting and confusing the platform with reams competing, discordant garbage.

Which fake Siri do the settlers use on their fake iPhones? Which pretend Apple Pay? How does their Touch ID knockoff work? Which imitation Messages app to suffer along with?

Fragmandroid. What a confusing, proliferating junkyard of derivative crap!

If it isn’t an iPhone, it isn’t an iPhone.