“Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Cisco have filed an amicus brief supporting Google in an ongoing case dealing with security and privacy, topics that Apple has been known to advocate in the past,” Mitchel Broussard reports for MacRumors. “Most recently, Google’s case has led to a court in Pennsylvania requesting the company to comply to an FBI warrant asking for emails residing on foreign servers.”

“The coalition of companies supporting Google now argue that the scope of the SCA doesn’t reach into foreign territories, and could lead to Google being forced to violate foreign data privacy laws,” Broussard reports. “The amicus brief cites a case where Microsoft was asked to hand over emails stored on cloud servers in Ireland.”

“Microsoft eventually won that case,” Broussard reports. “The brief also argues that if Google is forced to hand over the emails, a reverse situation could occur that opens the floodgates for foreign countries to request emails from U.S. citizens that are stored on U.S. servers.”

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