How to turn off runaway log writing on your Mac

“Since the release of macOS, which features a new logging system, some people have reported certain apps going crazy with the massive amount of log writing they do,” Keir Thomas writes for Mac Kung Fu. “This can get so bad that the Mac gets hot because it’s working so hard to write the data.”

“All existing information you might find online about turning off or otherwise controlling OS X/macOS’s logging is now obsolete, thanks to the changes in macOS,” Thomas writes. “Therefore, [here] are the steps that do actually work in order to turn off logging for any particular app or process.”

“I haven’t yet found a way to turn off logging entirely, for all apps and the entire system,” Thomas writes, “and my guess would be this is impossible because Apple’s engineers didn’t believe it would ever be necessary.”

Easy instructions in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If your Mac is having an unnecessary log-fest with one or more apps, here’s your answer!


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