“Apple has sent delegates to officially oppose the passage of a so-called ‘right to repair’ bill in Nebraska that would require the company to provide consumers and third-party repair shops access to service manuals and parts,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“State Sen. Lydia Brasch, sponsor of Nebraska’s Adopt the Fair Repair Act, said Apple representative Steve Kester apprised her of the pitfalls of similar “right to repair” legislation in a recent meeting, reports BuzzFeed News,” Campbell reports. “Specifically, Kester, who handles state and local government affairs for the Cupertino tech giant, warned Nebraska will become a ‘Mecca for bad actors’ if the bill is passed. The legislation could provide hackers and other unsavory characters hardware-level access to Apple products.”

“That Apple is at odds with LB67 is unsurprising,” Campbell reports. “The company has consistently opposed similar government action, saying its products should only be serviced by qualified technicians… [and contending] that conducting repairs through authorized outlets like Apple stores and vetted shops provides customers with a consistent experience. Further, an authorized repair network helps the company control and protect its various hardware platforms. On that note, Apple told Brasch it would not oppose LB67 if phones were excepted from the legislation.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple seems to have won at least a temporary reprieve as Campbell reports that “at the conclusion of Thursday’s hearing, the chair of the Judiciary Committee concluded LB67 is unlikely to be considered this year, citing the inherent challenges of passing new legislation, the report said.”

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