“A faulty backup has inadvertently exposed the entire working database of notorious spam operator River City Media (RCM),” Mark Wilson reports for BetaNews. “In all, the database contains more than 1.37 billion email addresses, and for some records there are additional details such as names, real-world addresses, and IP addresses. It’s a situation that’s described as ‘a tangible threat to online privacy and security.'”

“The leaked, and unprotected, database is what’s behind the sending of over a billion spam emails every day,” Wilson reports. “But it’s more than a database that has leaked — it’s River City Media’s entire operation. Business plans, HipChat logs, accounts and much more.”

Wilson reports, “It remains to be seen quite what impact this will have on River City Media’s operations, and whether there will be an immediate reduction in the amount of spam flying to inboxes around the world.”

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