Apple’s about to get a second bite at the iPhone

“There’s a good deal of pressure on the iPhone 8,” Emily Bary writes for Barron’s. “After disappointing upgrade cycles following the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 launches, there are a lot of old phones out there. Investors are hoping that this fall’s new models will prompt a ‘supercycle’ of upgrades, especially because some could cost more than $1,000.”

“Of the 715 million iPhones currently in use — the number of phones making up Apple’s ‘installed base’ — 31% will have gone ‘un-upgraded’ for more than two years by the time the new iPhone comes out in September, according to BMO Capital Markets,” Bary writes. “That’s up from 25% at the time of the iPhone 7 launch.”

Bary writes, “The number of second-hand iPhones might increase to 300 million in 2018 from 228 million at the end of 2016, BMO analyst Tim Long predicts, as people switch from ‘mass-market Android phones.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Second-hand iPhone sales mean more “Services” revenue for Apple. iPhone is a snowball that’s really just started rolling down a very, very big mountain!


  1. So are they going to add another bite mark to the Apple logo? Or just make the current one larger? I like seeing  grow and it would be cool to see a second bite mark to represent ’s new era. Maybe they could hire an accomplished graphic designer like me to do the new logo!

    1. A fitting representation of Apple’s progression:

      1) Make the Apple 100x larger
      2) Add little bites for Apple II, Mac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Watch
      3) Add a short fat black worm for Mac Pro, unless Apple steps up in 2017

    1. Exactly, I don’t get the constant negative tone over the iphone 7, everything I’ve read it sold pretty darn well. I will absolutely being upgrading to whatever the next iphone is, I’m on a 5s in my 4th year and the thing still works great running the latest iOS but I’m ready for a new phone. I still haven’t seen a single android phone with enough wow factor to push me away from an iphone.

      1. It just seems like no matter what iPhone is doing they revert to the same tired wishful thinking and erroneous reporting.

        I think “wow” and “Android” are now and forever mutually exclusive. Now an “explosive” new Android phone is something altogether incendiary different. 😉

      2. Don’t forget that the implosion of Samsung with their spectacularly incendiary failure of the Galaxy Note 7 boosted those sales. No word on how that will play out next year.

  2. My iPhone 6 is still pretty great. I’ll probably get the iPhone 8, but only because I can afford to. With slightly less income, I’d hold onto the 6 for at least a couple more years. I blame Apple for making such lasting products.

    1. My iPh 6 is stellar. Each iPh iteration I’ve owned has been a big jump from the previous, but the 6 stands above all. Because of this, skipping the 8 could be realistic, but hard to miss.

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