“Samsung just released a press statement declaring its Galaxy S7 edge as winning the best smartphone award at Mobile World Congress 2017,” reports Matt Burns for TechCrunch. “That didn’t happen.”

“GSMA is the trade organizing that hosts Mobile World Congress and every year they host an awards ceremony for achievements of the past year,” reports Burns. “So for this year’s awards, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge was nominated alongside the iPhone 7 Plus, Pixel Xl, Huawei P9, and the Moto Z. The Galaxy S7 edge won The Best Smartphone 2016.”

“But that’s not what Samsung said in a press release,” reports Burns. “Samsung stated ‘The Galaxy S7 edge Named Best Smartphone at MWC 2017.’ Or, said a different way, never mind our terrible showing at the world’s largest mobile show; the S7 is the best phone here!”

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MacDailyNews Take: As per Samsung, the reporter’s surname is quite apropos.

The iPhone 7 Plus is unmatched. It was obviously the best smartphone of 2016. No other phone assembler, certainly not a corner-cutting South Korean dishwasher maker, can compete with Apple’s 64-bit A10 Fusion SoC + iOS + Jony Ive design (not even close) and the Mobile World Congress — which Apple routinely ignores because it’s nothing more than a showcase for patent- and trade dress-infringing iPhone knockoffs, wannabes, also-rans and roadkill saddled with off-the-shelf processors + a one-size-fits-all fragmented, insecure mess of a so-called operating system + a hardware design ethos of “copy whatever Apple does” — knows it. It’s a congress of thieves peddling derivative crap.

The Mobile World Congress is a farce precisely because the King of the Mobile World is one Apple Inc., which is so utterly dominant they doesn’t even bother to show up to lord over the festival of dreck paraded annually in front of the blind eyes of the world’s ignorati.

Apple took 92% of smartphone industry’s profits in Q416 – February 7, 2017

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