Apple CEO Tim “Cook’s period in charge has seen Apple’s size and value grow enormously,” Glyn Williams writes for Quora. “So by any conventional business metrics, this has to be judged as a huge success.”

“Cook is criticized because of a perception that world-changing innovation has declined since Jobs. This is probably unfair,” Williams writes. “Whoever is running the show would struggle to deliver meaningful new products on an annual basis.”

“But Cook is not perfect,” Williams writes. “Most worrying is a slow decline in the focus and zeal of the company. This is very hard to quantify, but there are a handful of signs that long-time Apple enthusiasts regard as troubling. Apple has relinquished the high end workstation market. There is no Mac with a world class GPU. The iPad is evolving sluggishly for something that should be the future of personal computing. Siri had a giantic head-start which seems to have been lost.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Cook’s most notable “hit” was/is taking a bold stand to preserve and protect Apple product users’ privacy. His most notable miss is, collectively (and ironically for someone often referred to as an “operations genius”), the serial inability to have products on the shelves in a timely manner or at all (this includes being two years late with properly-sized iPhone displays, announcing and then not having new iMacs for Christmas 2012, Apple Watch (launch excitement was squandered with near total lack of product for months), no 4K Apple TV for Christmas 2016, no new iPads for Christmas 2016 (although this may be a intentional move to set the bar low enough to allow iPad to finally resume unit sales growth), AirPods basically missing Christmas 2016, no Mac Pro update for 3+ years, etcetera).

As we wrote in January 2015:

Execution matters. Pretty videos only go so far.

We expect a lot. So, deliver a lot. Not like 2015. Don’t deliver yet another thing that “holds great promise.” Certainly do not deliver important products with no stock at launch or for months afterwards (“Tim Cook, operations genius” – oh, really now?). Don’t deliver half-baked UIs, either. Pretend that Steve is staring/glaring over your shoulder.

Knock our socks off, Apple!

No pressure.

Apple failed to deliver to our expectations in 2016 as well. Here’s hoping Apple delivers in 2017!