“What’s not to like about Apple Pay? Once you set it up with a credit card, secure online or in-store payments couldn’t be much easier or more secure,” Tera Thomas O’Brien writes for Tera Talks. “I’m especially impressed with how easy it is to make a purchase using Apple Pay at retail stores. Press the side button on Watch, hold it next to the scanner, wait for the bing sound. Done. That makes digging my iPhone out of my bag feel downright quaint.”

“What’s the problem with Apple Pay?” O’Brien writes. “Unlike my Visa card or my MasterCard, Apple Pay is not ubiquitous. Yes, I know. New fangled technology takes time to integrate into society… [but] you’ll never be able to use Apple Pay everywhere because too many merchants are greedy and put their company’s needs higher than their customers.”

“Merchants like Target, CVS, and other retailers lose a bit of control over the transaction,” O’Brien writes. “Too many retailers want control over the transaction so they’re less likely to allow Apple Pay into their purchase process, hence the growing fragmentation of technology and society.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Make it a point to patronize Apple Pay merchants and prioritize them over those outfits who block the unmatched security and ease-of-use that Apple Pay offers.