“The Apple Watch, quickly approaching its second birthday, was released to the world facing close-to-impossible expectations,” Alex Fitzpatrick writes for TIME Magazine. “The first new product released under CEO Tim Cook, it was (and still is) seen as a referendum on his performance.”

“It’s safe to say that the Apple Watch hasn’t been the world-changing device that some hoped it might be,” Fitzpatrick writes. “But if you’re an Apple fan and have passed up or given up on the Watch, I’m here to tell you that it’s now worth a second look.”

“Recent software upgrades have dramatically improved the user experience on the original model, which is the one I use,” Fitzpatrick writes. “Apple, meanwhile, released two new Apple Watch models over the fall, both offering similar improvements on the hardware side.”

“Why do I like the Apple Watch? Mostly because it does far more than a traditional timepiece. I’ve always been a watch wearer, but Apple’s wearable puts more functionality in that real estate than would otherwise be possible,” Fitzpatrick writes. “If you’re an Apple fan dismayed by the early reviews, consider giving the Watch another chance.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t know how we lived without our Apple Watches. There’s just been too much time saved since we first donned our Apple Watches.