Why you should give the Apple Watch another chance

“The Apple Watch, quickly approaching its second birthday, was released to the world facing close-to-impossible expectations,” Alex Fitzpatrick writes for TIME Magazine. “The first new product released under CEO Tim Cook, it was (and still is) seen as a referendum on his performance.”

“It’s safe to say that the Apple Watch hasn’t been the world-changing device that some hoped it might be,” Fitzpatrick writes. “But if you’re an Apple fan and have passed up or given up on the Watch, I’m here to tell you that it’s now worth a second look.”

“Recent software upgrades have dramatically improved the user experience on the original model, which is the one I use,” Fitzpatrick writes. “Apple, meanwhile, released two new Apple Watch models over the fall, both offering similar improvements on the hardware side.”

“Why do I like the Apple Watch? Mostly because it does far more than a traditional timepiece. I’ve always been a watch wearer, but Apple’s wearable puts more functionality in that real estate than would otherwise be possible,” Fitzpatrick writes. “If you’re an Apple fan dismayed by the early reviews, consider giving the Watch another chance.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t know how we lived without our Apple Watches. There’s just been too much time saved since we first donned our Apple Watches.


  1. I may, if and when they slice it to half its current thickness. And then only in its second generation. Tired of being a “first adopter” and paying a steep price.

  2. Wifey has one and wears it daily. At over a cm thick though it’s just too big of a slab for me.
    By gen 5 maybe it’ll be like wifey, svelte enough to wear.

    1. According to the Apple web site, both sizes of the watch are 10.5 mm thick, no where near a cm. And a portion of that thickness is in the slight bulge the houses the sensors, thereby insuring adequate contact with you skin. It doesn’t really affect the way the watch sits on your arm. When I first say the Apple Watch, I thought it was too big and too thick, until I held it up next to my Citizen watch. I was surprised how close in size they are. I think the square face gives an illusion of overall size because we’re so used to looking at round watch faces.

      1. Apparently Sparkles doesn’t know the metric system very well.
        10 mm = 1.0 cm.
        So, at 10.5 mm, that’s 1.05 cm, which I don’t think is reasonable to characterize as “nowhere near.”

        Bread and Circuses was right about the size. Now, Sparkles may think 10.5 mm is an acceptable thickness, but that’s an opinion. The fact is that the Apple Watch is “over a cm thick.”

  3. I have no desire for the Watch. I eschew notifications for the most part, and they still haven’t offered an analog 24 hour dial option and I’m generally unhappy about the choices that they do have as well as being unhappy about the lack of options for the watch faces. I’m a fan of real watches, have several and use them, and I’d much rather spend my money on a well-crafted timepiece than an iPhone adjunct. But that’s me.

        1. Na – uh. That’s my saying and don’t give it away to someone else. The media is biased against us and anyway, we won the election and Hillary Clinton won’t accept the results. These are the alternative facts!

  4. Well, I like my Apple Watch. I have the first generation. I’ve been wearing it daily since I first got it and that’s been many many months ago. I do not find it too thick and mine is the 42. I find it easy to read especially in the dark which is very important to me. What do people want from the watch that it doesn’t have, especially the new version? I talk on the phone with it, check the weather, check my appointments, keep track of my workouts and my heart. What more do people want? I now use it with my AirPods for a little music. I find it comfortable. What more does one need? It keeps accurate time and that’s what I need in a watch I am very open about my dislike of the way Apple has handed it’s Mac, Apple TV, and professional software lines but not on this one. So if this is considered an “advertisement” so be it. I like the product and I don’t even have the latest version.

  5. Apple did with the watch what they did with the Mac Mini and everything else: introduced a model inferior to what they knew they would release the next year.

    Their watch has great value for those who believe it does. They should know.

    But Apple also did something they’ve never done with any other product: they went after the wealthy customers by giving them the chance to buy a $10,000 Apple watch. The value of class elitism and bling was now used as a selling point.

    That was the moment it seemed clear Apple’s values and psychology had changed. It was as if they were saying two things.

    First, don’t just be an Apple customer…show you’re in the one percent of customers.

    Second, they were putting patina on technology. Today’s watch will be obsolete soon. But a great mechanical watch like a Patek Philippe or a Rolex or Baume Mercier will work beautifully in 100 years, and sell more more than the Watch.

    Apple did not understand that, or care.

    But the Apple watches are beautiful even when they’re not doing anything….

  6. I’m really enjoying my Series 2 AW. I knew I was going nowhere near the first two versions just because it was such a new product, but once the GPS and water resistance was introduced I felt the need to hop on board. I like the fitness aspect, the quick notification checks, the ability to pull up new e-mail headers quickly, and even the timer for grilling (simple as that may be).

    I don’t have to carry my iPhone everywhere around the house now, and one bonus I’ve noticed is my iPhone’s battery is used up about half as much as it used to be since notifications come through on my AW.

    Sure, folks will hate it. But for me the size, fit, and function is extremely well done.

  7. Changed my mind

    I found no compelling reason to purchase V1. I didn’t even want V2. Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Selfridges in London have closed their Apple Watch shops probably as a result of Apple decision to discontinue the Gold Version and slow sales…so I wasn’t alone

    I have always worn a wrist watch. I love Tissot and wish I could afford a Hublot. I wear a Casio divers watch when I photograph in iffy climate/environmental situations. On dressy occasions I usually wear my slimiest watch.

    Fast forward to Christmas 2016. My wife and I exchanged Apple 2 watches. After a month we’ve come to “for us” surprising conclusions. We’re starting to like our watches more and more and wear them in different occasions by changing bands.

    Better battery
    Need third Watch faces

    Different watch bands. We each have ~8
    Bio feedback
    Corner Complications (strange name for corner buttons that are customizable to show, headline news, stock quotes, GMT, battery charge, etc)

    I would now recommend it.

  8. Idea:

    If Apple wants us to “early adopt” their projects, they should extend warranties.

    When I had problems with my watch, I felt Apple was shining me on.

    Just take care of the people that are taking a risk on your, at time, half baked gizmos.

  9. I thought the iwatch was a dumb idea at best.I was given the 1st generation one as a gift. It got me off my butt and to exercise, walk a couple miles per day, monitor what I eat and I lost 4 inches around my waist! I have a bad heart valve and it monitors my pulse and entered me on a heart study that benefits many. I never wore a watch to bed so battery life is no problem, but I can reach over and touch it on its charger and it lights up the time for 5 seconds. This device is very useful to me and I will probably buy a newer model in a couple of years.

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