“Donald Trump’s inauguration speech Jan. 20 could be boiled down to: ‘I’m going to put America first,'” Nigam Arora reports for MarketWatch. “As an American, I liked that theme.”

“‘Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength,’ the newly installed President Trump said. He also remarked: ‘We will follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American,'” Arora reports. “As Trump implements his America-first policy, there could be repercussions for U.S.-based companies that do business overseas. A trade war could lead to higher taxes and tariffs for American companies if other countries retaliate.”

“Nvidia’s stock, which surged 225% last year, is potentially imperiled as the chipmaker is heavily dependent on international revenue,” Arora reports. “Besides Nvidia, the following nine popular stocks are most at risk from Trump’s protectionism: Apple, Broadcom, International Business Machines, 3M, Nike, Skyworks Solutions, Wynn Resorts, United Technologies, and Yum China Holdings.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Various other ideas (lower corporate taxes, tax repatriation reform/holiday) could benefit Apple. It’s too early to know how Apple will in total be affected by the Trump administration.

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