Apple and nine other popular stocks at risk from President Trump’s ‘America first’ inauguration speech

“Donald Trump’s inauguration speech Jan. 20 could be boiled down to: ‘I’m going to put America first,'” Nigam Arora reports for MarketWatch. “As an American, I liked that theme.”

“‘Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength,’ the newly installed President Trump said. He also remarked: ‘We will follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American,'” Arora reports. “As Trump implements his America-first policy, there could be repercussions for U.S.-based companies that do business overseas. A trade war could lead to higher taxes and tariffs for American companies if other countries retaliate.”

“Nvidia’s stock, which surged 225% last year, is potentially imperiled as the chipmaker is heavily dependent on international revenue,” Arora reports. “Besides Nvidia, the following nine popular stocks are most at risk from Trump’s protectionism: Apple, Broadcom, International Business Machines, 3M, Nike, Skyworks Solutions, Wynn Resorts, United Technologies, and Yum China Holdings.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Various other ideas (lower corporate taxes, tax repatriation reform/holiday) could benefit Apple. It’s too early to know how Apple will in total be affected by the Trump administration.

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  1. Prosperity is best achieved when everyone contributes. The internal political divisionism and now a leader hellbent on isolationism or just as bad, autocratically picking winners and losers, is directly the opposite of what America needs.

    1. Isolationism has a very important purpose. It keeps government spending down, and it keeps a country from spending itself into the poorhouse helping other countries. It’s nice to help other countries, but it’s very expensive, and the US just doesn’t have the money it used to have. The US currently has nearly $20 trillion in debt. We really need to focus on our country first before we can help others.

        1. Goodwill isn’t helping our crumbling infrastructure in highways, bridges or the generational poverty of the coal mine states or genpov of the Mississippi river delta region across many states; nor does it help to spend so much overseas when we have added nearly 8 trillion in debt in the past 8 years.

          I live in the middle of a gen-pov area and believe it or not, I have been shocked to find out how many in generational poverty people I know personally voted for the promise of jobs in the future, aka the POTUS DT.

        2. Bullshit. Thanks to good foreign relations, America has attracted foreign companies to invest in the USA and talented immigrants to settle here.

          However very few people like doing business with vindictive paranoid Trump. He has 50 lawsuits against him and counting. If he runs America like he operates his own companies, expect bankruptcy soon.

      1. Foreign aid is notoriously difficult to categorize since one person’s corporate welfare is another person’s lifeline. But suffice it to say that the USA doesn’t just dole out aid without strategic or humanitarian reasons that are far too complicate for thus forum.

        But thanks to steady streams of extremist propaganda, the average American thinks the fed is going bankrupt due to loose purse strings. In actuality, foreign aid it approximately 1% of the $3.7 trillion federal budget, much of that in arms sales that lead to long term profits for US based defense contractors:

        So where does most of the wasted money go in WA-DC? The reality is that dependent whiny geezers like botvinnick are soaking up the majority of federal funds via safety net and healthcare, all funnelled through for-profit corporations that hoard their cash piles offshore.

        From the 2015 figures of the Office of Management and Budget, these are the Big 3 budget items that dwarf all other issues:
        – Social Security: 24% of the federal budget, $888 billion.
        – Medicare/Medicaid: 25%, $938 billion
        – Defense: dropped significantly since Obama wound down the G.W. Bush wars (or at least replaced ground troops with drone strikes) 16% of budget, $602 billion. That doesn’t count veterans benefits, which add another 8%, $296 billion.

        So again, putting things in perspective, these 3 things take 73% of the federal budget. Two of the three are domestic humanitarian programs intended to keep retirees healthy and out of poverty, but which strict constitutionalists claim we should not do because Madison and Jefferson neglected to write it down. One wonders if Madison and Jefferson would have approved of spending $4 Trillion and counting on carpet bombing Iraq and Afghanistan in retaliation for a terrorism event masterminded by a Saudi Arabian.

        Here’s the scary one: because of ~50 years of reckless deficit spending, foreign military adventures, and “police actions” during what should have been post-WW2 peaceful productive years, now the interest on US public debt takes 6% of federal budget, $223 billion.

        Debt payments are now approximately twice what is spent on education and approximately 3 times what the US spends on infrastructure improvements, and it shows.

        1. Social Security and Medicare are funded by the people who work and pay those “taxes” and if the government would pay back what they took from Social Security it would be very solvent.

        2. Congress has been playing fast and loose with the books for over a generation. The good news is that US citizens, not foreign governments, own the vast majority of the debt. Americans are borrowing money from themselves. As it has to be, people in the prime of their lives pay more so sick and old can live without fear of losing house and home. The federal government is the only nonprofit clearing house that has the capacity to perform that function. Of course that doesn’t stop Wall St. from attempting to convince the gullible that gambling at their casino is the best retirement plan.

        3. Nice post, Mike! Many people tightly hold onto beliefs that are based on total fiction. The distribution of the federal budget is a mystery to most people. Perhaps a few more people understand the real issue now…the U.S. cannot solve its deficit and debt problem through spending cuts unless those cuts are drastic and include the defense budget. Furthermore, tax cuts will only exacerbate the deficit issue because we are on the downside of revenue/tax rate curve and the revenue lost to tax cuts will not be made up by an increase in economic growth over the long term.

          The first step is to end the annual deficits and halt the growth of our national debt.

          Please also consider that the interest on the $20T in U.S. debt will balloon if long term interest rates rise. We are paying a huge amount in debt service now, and that is with interest rates that are incredibly low. Think about what will happen as interest rates rise. We may already be too late, and both political parties are responsible for this travesty.

        4. “We may already be too late, and both political parties are responsible for this travesty.”

          While true, it is what you are not saying. The debt about doubled under eight years of Obama.

          Fact is: Democrats = DEBT.

          Got it? Good.

        5. Come on, Goeb, both parties are equally responsible for the spending. The supply side economics (trickle down, voodoo) has been promising great growth since 1980 and instead it delivered federal debts while corporations hoard and outsource.

          And you know damn well that 7 years of war under Bush didn’t come for free.

        6. Only if you assume that the budget that the president is authorized by Congress is immediately spent. Congress holds the purse strings, the President only proposes what he feels necessary to execute the laws that Congress writes, and the wars Congress authorizes.

          If you are seriously worried about debt, then you would be against trickledown and you would hold both political parties accountable.

          But since all you care about is choosing scapegoats, let’s clear the air: Reagan screwed the pooch on debt. Because absolute dollars are irrelevant — the economy continues to grow. Economists look at debt as a percentage of GDP. This is how the plot really looks:


        7. I worked in D.C. for 12 years and fully understand how the legislative process works. The fact remains, under Obama the national debt almost doubled in eight years.

          That is more under ONE president than the previous 43 combined. What part do you not understand?

          “Reagan screwed the pooch on debt.” I guess the next thing you’re going to say is Obama did not propose raising the national debt one red cent in eight years.

          Get a grip … 🤔

      2. you will be extracting your foot fool once the national debt balloons to 40 trillion under trump and the greedy old party, rich get it all to the detriment of all others. you’ve been taken by a con man, same con as Bush wars.

        1. Please explain. Compared to George W Bush, all statistics show Obama did a better job. And he didn’t drop an economic freefall in Trumps lap as he left office. Explain why you have such irrational hatred of President Obama.

          All that i see is that an obstructionist corrupt congress has spent 6 years blaming Obama for everything instead of reforming the tax code or reducing the supposedly onerous regulations that they themselves wrote!

          The next 4 years will see a rush of lobbyists proposing special interest deals and the ones that reward Trumps friends will become banana republic law screwing the rest of us and sending the national debt soaring. Mark my words.

        2. The way I look at it, a vote cast for “Not Hillary” was a winning vote. Mister T definitely wasn’t my first choice, but considering the alternative …

      1. True: The megacorps fsck’d the ordinary wage slaves by exporting their jobs for increased profits.

        False: Trumps cabinet of megacorp billionaires will fsck themselves instead by closing their foreign wealth creation factories and magnanimously paying US workers more for less.

        True: Irony is dead.

        False: Anything Trump promises.

      2. False: trump has the support of the majority of the american people.

        True: more americans voted to keep ObamaCare, ACA and Mrs. Clinton for president

        True: trump is an old fool, he got that way by being a young fool.

        True: ryan is going to kill Medicare, with trump’s help, if you believe ryan.

        True: Social Security is Dead. Here comes privatization if you believe paul ryan.

        1. Putin ghot him in and we’ll get him out, count the protesters nation wide …

          We’ll see Trumps 20,000,000 tweeting twits and raise you any day at least 10 fold. FACT

        1. Are you kidding? Botty plasters his posts across the board and I very rarely respond but we sometimes exchange posts and you ask me to give it a rest? What’s the matter GoeB, afraid of that civilized concept known as free speech?

          Heck I’m just getting revved up but I have to admit it will take me a time to recuperate cause I’m laughing my butt off at being called an anussie. That’s like I putting yourself first but only being able to count up to one. Small selfish visions come from those who don’t put planet Earth first. That’s why there are smooth heavenly angles that endures the benders feeble attempts to distract from what is really important, putting the planet’s life first.

        2. Now you are a boring, tedious, nothing to say meaningful, Aussie.

          Except for your hatred of America and Trump. Noted, and it doesn’t amount to anything of consequence.

          So, rev up and knock yourself out.

        3. Boredom is in the hand of the beholder and I’m not an anustralian but by all means continue to do so, it’s a tribute to your level of geographical education.

          I have no hatred for that nation, nor for the chump. I’m pro free and civilized world. I’m merely pointing out where the hate comes from. I’m not the one from a nation that invades others on a whim, and tortures innocent people while denying them justice for decades. Those are pretty hateful acts against humanity in my opinion.

          I’m glad you will be paying attention to my supportive free and civilized world rants, it’s never a waste of free speech to point out those who hate. I hope you pay attention to your geography too, but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

        4. “… I’m not an anustralian but by all means continue to do so, it’s a tribute to your level of geographical education.”

          anustralian? Hmmm, new word.

          Unless I’m wrong, seem to recall a previous post where you described yourself as such. No matter. Whether you are or not is of little consequence.

          “I’m not the one from a nation that invades others on a whim, and tortures innocent people while denying them justice for decades. Those are pretty hateful acts against humanity in my opinion.”

          Your opinion is vague and ignores history. Pretty transparent, actually. Tribes and nations have been engaging in this behavior since cavemen clashed over the fresh meat of a downed deer.

          “I’m glad you will be paying attention to my supportive free and civilized world rants, it’s never a waste of free speech to point out those who hate.”

          Sorry, but I believe you hate. And my geography is just fine, thank you very much. And yes, I will be paying close attention to your not so cleverly couched anti-American rants. 🤔

        5. Yes a new word, it’s a sign that language is alive an evolving. I make up new descriptive words all the time. So do others.

          You are wrong, and it’s of great consequence depending on your perspective. I’m from the free and civilized world.

          I don’t believe that my opinions are vague nor ignorant of history. You are correct that tribes and nations have been engaging in this behavior since the caveman. There still are tribes and nations that continue to do so, they have not evolved beyond that. There are those that have crawled out of the cave, and have left whimsical invasions, torture and holding up people in cells indefinitely. However there are very few nations that have crawled back into the cave, embracing whimsical invasions, torture and holding up people in cells indefinitely. That’s new, that’s novel that’s retrogressive evolution.

          You are free to believe what you wish. Actions speak louder than words, so you won’t see whimsical invasions, torture and holding up people in cells indefinitely. You can paste the hate label on that all you want, it doesn’t stick. I’m glad you think your geography is fine, even though your actions denote the total opposite.

          I certainly will be paying close attention to your poor anti-world rants as well as enjoying the benefits of the free and civilized world, especially seeing people treated like humane beings.

        6. Wow. A volume of words that don’t amount to a hill of beans. Please learn how to spell.

          I will be paying close attention to your anti-Anerican rants.

          Nuff said.

        7. Exactly, actions speak louder than words and the actions of that nation are anti-world. It’s a small self centered vision of me first with a total disregard for the rest of the world.
          So pay attention, pay very close attention. You might learn how to fix your moral and ethical compass because right now, it’s broken.

        8. In addition, just so we understand each other.

          I will be paying particular attention to your anti-American rants recklessly wasting the freedom of free speech to no good end.

          Ready? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. Mike: What the h does “Prosperity is best achieved when everyone contributes” mean? Everyone in the world, the country, the neighborhood? Seems like a statement answered with an “of course,” but b/c of the “hellbent isolationist” context, it implies we are going into hiding and there will be no trade outside of our borders. Also, “autocratically picking winners and losers?” Huh? Time will tell, but statements today and those in the past aren’t consistent with anything but “the people.”

      1. If you look at any national economic graphs, you will see that periods of growth and prosperity occurred not when taxes were lowest but when the middle and poor classes were highly rewarded with profit sharing. If that is what Mike means, he is right.

        It never ceases to amaze me how the people fall for hucksters promising to lower taxes (and everything else under the sun) while ignoring the need for the USA to invest in its people (and paying for it via fair taxation). and also in international trade fairness via multilateral diplomacy.

        Trump offers neither. The USA needs to export more, not erect walls. Trump’s unending promises to create jobs are backed by no plans that make economic sense and the thieves Trump appointed to his cabinet are exactly the kind of people who will pocket all the profits from selling red hats saying “make America great again” on the outside and “made in bangladesh” on the inside.

  2. I did not vote for Trump, however I do believe that every politician. and citizen, should put their country first. I don’t think many do.

    He should put the US first.
    Trudeau should put Canada first.
    Merkel should put Germany first.
    Buhari should put Nigeria first.

    (Some things you wouldn’t think of even come into play with this. Drought stricken California sends 100 billion gallons of water to China through crop irrigation of alfalfa. Why? So their livestock can eat. Should the US reduce that export so its citizens have enough water? Our Californians suffer because cows in China eat alfalfa.) /soapbox

      1. So, your child is sick/hungry and instead of devoting your resources to their need, you give the $$ to the person on the corner with a “homeless” sign. Mike links “tribalism” as “limited thinking” that’s gone beyond it’s usefulness. The above scenario is tribalistic (local), but I’ll bet few of Mike’s ilk would say that’s how they operate. What’s the difference, other than it being “family?’ For the optimum health of the species/world, one first takes care of oneself, then their family, fellow members (of work, Church, club, etc) and you’ll be much better prepared to “take care of the world.” Mike also lists a bleak scenario of the current world, but it’s hardly time specific. People have been fighting, starving, migrating, learning, surviving, worrying, struggling since the beginning of time. How one has the knowledge that this generation is different is pretty grand.

        1. Or Mike might be saying that in addition to caring for your sick child you can also afford to subsidize work training programs for people who are out of work. If you can afford a $6 latte every day, while you surf the internet on your $3500 Mac, then is it unreasonable to pay $10 per year for foreign aid?

          The Fortune 500 companies have proven over and over that they don’t care about any nation or the dramatic effects a community sees when they conduct mass layoffs. The patchwork of charities is not capable.

          I also get what Mike is saying about refugees. In my city, we are short of qualified nurses. But there are hundreds of doctors and nurses who fled Syria when Assad went crazy. Did the USA welcome them? No, open minded democracies like Canada and Germany did. Now the vast majority of them have learned the language, got a job, pay taxes, and are happy to care for sick people like your child.

          Paranoid Americans are doing themselves no favors by blocking all immigration instead of making the screening fast and painless. Refusals to fund programs that do the fundamental basic decent things that being the supposed leader of the free world would do means that America is choosing to stop being the beacon for freedom and opportunity, at its own detriment.

        2. Where in the “story” was it posited that responsible living/caring for your own equated with, or meant being selfish? Answer: nowhere. Statement: if the core organism/organization is healthy, it’s better equipped to help those surrounding. Also, what one does with expendable income/resources is best self/internally determined, than mandated by some external org/state.
          As I see it, the interesting part of this entire discussion is it illustrates the difference btwn those embracing globalism/statism, and those not. One group sees issues “solved” by an “over-all” entity and the other gives responsibility to the individual. Because the selfish individual/entity is at the problem’s core, I have a feeling that the paranoid Americans, selfish Fortune 500’s, and the family/community minded tribalists need an overseer? The overseer would better portion their wages, determine their car size/energy use, manage where people reside/migrate, mandate better education standards “over there,” control the forces of nature, eliminate wars/human conflicts, etc, etc? People in history have always yearned for a king and this sounds “wonderfully” familiar, but this time we’ll call it statism, or globalism.
          Again and please leave selfishness & nationalism–of the fascist kind–out of the discussion. It’s a matter of individual freedom vs central control…which sounds real friendly and comfortable…but that’s a presumption; as is equating selfishness to individual determination.

        3. WTF are you going on about? Trump is the one painting the situation as if America was falling apart. The reality is the opposite. While the economy grows, wages grow, corporations get insanely rich, crime rates falling, and technology makes everything easier, Trump says the opposite. So I looked at Mikes post, and the data is clear: foreign aid is 1% of national spending. You may be a selfish bastard, but I personally donate 10% of my earnings to charity. I think most everyone in America can do the same or donate time to community causes. It is not a binary choice to care only for people under your roof. Be a better citizen, and your community won’t be as ugly as Trump and the dumbass sensationalist media tells you it is.

        4. Andy: just to remind about things I never mentioned…I guess you just wanted to vent, or didn’t read, or both.
          Trump, America falling apart, foreign aid, caring about if/where you donate your $$, that donating or not being a binary choice, community = ugly.
          Speaking of which, it’s interesting that my portrayal of community is ugly, despite never commenting so, but I’ll guess since you used Mike’s post for support, you don’t find his portrayal of the world/community as bleak? If not, take another look. It looks pretty “ugly” over there.

        5. “So, your child is sick/hungry and instead of devoting your resources to their need, you give the $$ to the person on the corner with a “homeless” sign.”

          Not at all… feed them both, but make sure you feed your child first, and also see what’s up with the “homeless guy”.

    1. I suspect that those California alfalfa growers get some much-appreciated money from China for the alfalfa.

      Basic economics: A free exchange happens when _both_ parties believe that they will be better off by making the exchange.

      Much environmental trouble lies with the darned externalities.

    2. That indeed is the tribalism mindset. In past eras, that limited thinking worked just fine.

      The problem is that humanity has one planet to call home, and the actions of practically any one nation can now have immediate and devastating impact on the entire world. It is no longer an option to act only in the interest of your household, everyone needs to be considered.

      If the world doesn’t agree on a sane policy for nuclear containment, then everyone is at risk — perhaps the USA most at risk.

      If climate change is not mitigated, then the whole world will see the effects of agricultural declines, expensive forest fires, hurricanes, floods, and droughts.

      If wars and other human disasters are not contained and eliminated, then refugees will flood into all parts of the globe, disrupting the cultural norms and overrunning infrastructure capacity as those refugees attempt to learn the rules of their new host nations, struggle to find work, and attempt to simply survive.

      If labor standards, education standards, wage ratios, and business opportunities are not developed across the entire world, then we will see economic migration, which will never be solved with simplistic populist ideas like border walls.

      We could go on endlessly, but just as 230+ years ago 13 colonies banded together to forge a better future on a new continent that seemed limitless in its potential, now the entire planet needs to find ways to band together to ensure long term human survival on a planet that we now know is not infinite, and not capable of infinite population growth, and certainly not able to repair itself as fast as humans are able to pollute, deforest, or otherwise destroy it.

      1. Mike, see all those “ifs” that begin every new thought of your socialist utopia? Yet, you refuse to recognize the singular most important element and that is humanity…some work harder than others, some have natural gifts, some are altruistic, some are greedy…as long as people are not robots or clones, the socialist manifesto is doomed to failure.

        “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, what a wonderful world it would be.” – Dandy Don Meredith

        1. As I recall, Social Security has been taken out of every check I have been paid since I was eight years old…the rate I had to pay was even higher during my self-employment. The fractional pittance of Social Security reimbursement is hardly “freeloading.” I have absolutely no guilt regarding it.

        2. I have posted this before, but will again. The Social Security Trust Fund has been doomed to bankruptcy since 1968. In that year, The House courageously refused to further finance the Vietnam War…in response, Lyndon Johnson, by executive order, moved the protected SS Trust Fund to general funds so he could “get at it” regardless of the will of the people (The House.)

        3. Here’s how Lyin’ Lyndon covered his ass in his State of the Union address:

          “A Presidential commission composed of distinguished congressional fiscal leaders and other prominent Americans recommended this year that we adopt a new budget approach. I am carrying out their recommendations in this year’s budget. This budget, therefore, for the first time accurately covers all Federal expenditures and all Federal receipts, including for the first time in one budget $47 billion from the social security, Medicare, highway, and other trust funds.”

          ~ State Of The Union 1968

    1. Apple is fragile because it has only one world class product that sells in great numbers: the iPhone and App Store. Cook has squandered Apple’s lead in Macs, pro software & services, and isn’t even a player in other growth markets. Cook has rolled out niche fashion products instead of making Apple an indispensable part of company and home computing. He wants to sell you an iCloud subscription but iCloud is a mess, poorly performing hodgepodge of networks that Apple rents from industry leaders. Apple can’t even run its own businesses on Macs, what investors are going to believe Apple is built for the long haul when Cook has turned it into a one trick pony?

  3. I can’t wait to see how this affects many corporate agressive plans to outsource. It saves money in some areas, costs more in others, but the shareholders reward this activity, so it’s a net positive. Will they stop? I can’t think so. If they would receive massive subsidies that offset their labor costs, they MIGHT, but they’re more likely to continue the layoffs and just book the money as “look at how big our profits are!” Plus that’s just D levels of socialistic spending, not happening.

    Where I think Trump COULD have some say, if he’s willing to face corporations head on is to shame companies planning to outsource into NOT outsourcing. Sure it’s still bad for shareholders BUT would you rather have some bad quarters while you figure it out or face a withering twitterstorm that could do WAY worse for your stock? 🙂

  4. The more you parse what Trump says, the more you realize he is the reincarnation of thousand year old Chinese dictator, paranoid of mongols, ignorant of the greater world, and determined to make China as great as it was in 250 BC. But very interested in playing with the concubines in the Forbidden City and strangely attracted to females from foreign lands.

    But will Trump’s Great Wall of isolationism accomplish anything other than harming the people inside the wall? Will his autocratic plans to parse one on one deals with only the most flattering foreign trading partners lead to the rotting and disuse of America’s Treasure Ships? Will future Marco Polos decide to explore South America instead of the USA as Trump radiates hostile unwelcoming vibes from his penthouse palace?

    1. After 30 years of underinvestment in education and a significant lack of work ethic amongst the last two generations of kids who never had to work hard for anything in the instant gratification, fact free, push button, egotistical community we have created in America, I sincerely doubt any large companies are interested in growing in America. Future growth is in asia, everyone says, so that is where Apple and all large companies contract its production

  5. It’s so nice to have a real American President again. Finally!

    We haven’t had one since Reagan.

    President Trump – say it with me, Lib/Dem/Progs – President Trump signs executive order to begin the process to repeal and replace ObamaCare (i.e. The Unaffordable Care Act).

    Obama’s sad, sorry, misguided “legacy” is dumpster-bound!

    1. In related post-inauguration news… to our British brothers and sisters: Trump has already returned the bust of Churchill to its rightful place in the Oval Office. An office no longer tainted by the stench of the Muslim Usurper.

        1. Muslim on Muslim killing happens all the time…more than any other combo…esp Shite v Sunni and vs versa. The comment is separate from opinion per O/OBL.

  6. I’m not an economist, but some are saying China’s economy will be 4-5 times the size of the US economy by 2050. This is a huge opportunity for American business. Why would any American leader want to upset this market?

    A larger China will wield more influence and dwindle America’s sphere. Isolationism will quicken
    the US retreat and shrink the US economy. Eventually, America will be so weakened that invasion forces will rule the land.

    Instead of picking a fight with the world America needs to immigrate a few hundred million people over the next couple of decades. This will create a massive consumer, construction, etc. boom, and even the economic playing field with China.

    Some might say the United States and Europe are a trading block and can thwart any Chinese aggression. Really? Then why is China in Davos right now? Why are they cutting deals with Europe? Additionally, why did the UK banks refuse to help a few of the American banks at the beginning of the financial crisis a few years ago? They could of averted the worldwide economic meltdown.

    Again, I’m not part of a think tank and I don’t have all the data, but from the outside a trade war seems like a bad idea.

      1. He claims to be a billionaire. But he lies like a thief and won’t relase his taxes to prove he isn’t in hock to foreigners up to his neck. So don’t be so full of yourself GoeB. All the campaign promises you chose to believe are just not going to come true. Every independent analsis of Trump’s proposals show they lead to fiscal disaster, just like most of trump’s companies. Maybe, just maybe, Dave H has seen con men before and he sees through the rhetoric.

        1. We do have the facts. Trump’s lies are well documented. Politifact does a good job fact checking and they should Trump lies air tells half truths about 85 percent of the time.

          He said he would release his tax returns repeatedly during the campaign, and he did not. Stop allowing yourself to be taken in by this con man. The narcissist in chief is only interested in his aggrandizement. He never put America First as a businessman. He hasn’t changed.

        2. Politifact like the NY Slimes and Washed Post are not interested in supporting TRUE facts because of the semantic measuring stick they often use and the ingrained bias of staff.

          That said, I will agree Trump makes off the cuff comments that are generalized and not always 100% true.

          But in his heart I don’t see him intentionally trying to deceive or get away with something. I believe it speaks more to his lack of professional political experience and misunderstanding of a hostile microscopic press 24/7 looking for an atomic particle crack in his armor. He is a genius at so many things and will learn as time marches on.

          It is interesting you have a major problem with Trump Truth, and not a peep from you regarding decades of Obama and Clintons half-truths and outright LIES!

          “I did not have sex with that woman, not a single time” … Benghazi was under attack and the ambassador killed because of a movie? I did not know I could not use a private e-mail like Colin Powell? Do I need to go on?

          When you learn to be fair and balanced with both sides of the aisle, only then can we have an honest conversation. ✌️

        3. Sounds like you’re giving Trump a free pass while using the same criteria to condemn the other party. Isn’t it tiring to be a political hack all the time? Both parties lie, both parties swindle. So stop pretending that your brand is better.

        1. The last thing a “Make America Great Again,” POPULIST PRESIDENT needs IS TO FEED AN EGO.

          Obama was a narcissist for eight years. And that’s fine with me if policies, from either man, help the American people: The bottom line.

  7. Here’s an idea, instead of each side of the debate proselytising and having cheap (and quite often insulting) shots at each other perhaps, we could all give our views in a reasoned and level-headed manner. That’s what we used to do on this site and it would be really cool if we could do the again. If you don’t want to do that then perhaps you should go elsewhere.

    For the record when either side throws insults I just skip the post and move onto the next one. Is a lousy blue star worth that much anyway?

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