“Over my many years of running Mac OS X Hints, a huge number of defaults write hints were published,” Rob Griffiths writes for Robservatory. “For those who aren’t aware, defaults write is a Terminal command that can be used to modify applications’ settings. While you can use these commands to modify settings that are present in an app’s Preferences panel, the more-common use of this command is to set non-visible (hidden) prefs that you won’t find in the GUI.”

“Here are three of my favorites — three that not only perceptually but actually increase the speed of your interactions with your Mac,” Griffiths writes. “I still, to this day, execute these commands on any new Mac I set up.”

Griffiths writes, “Don’t worry if you’d prefer to stay away from Terminal: I’ll also show how to use the long-lived TinkerTool to set each of these options using a (relatively easy if crowded) GUI interface.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tried and true, theses tips help to Mac your Mac snappier!