Speed up your Mac via hidden prefs

“Over my many years of running Mac OS X Hints, a huge number of defaults write hints were published,” Rob Griffiths writes for Robservatory. “For those who aren’t aware, defaults write is a Terminal command that can be used to modify applications’ settings. While you can use these commands to modify settings that are present in an app’s Preferences panel, the more-common use of this command is to set non-visible (hidden) prefs that you won’t find in the GUI.”

“Here are three of my favorites — three that not only perceptually but actually increase the speed of your interactions with your Mac,” Griffiths writes. “I still, to this day, execute these commands on any new Mac I set up.”

Griffiths writes, “Don’t worry if you’d prefer to stay away from Terminal: I’ll also show how to use the long-lived TinkerTool to set each of these options using a (relatively easy if crowded) GUI interface.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tried and true, theses tips help to Mac your Mac snappier!


  1. Probably good for a Dual Core Mac or those running under 2GHz. But with a 4 core i7 and you have a SSD installed rather than a slow spinning hard drive you need Not Change any settings. Plenty fast also when you mac out your MacBook to 16GB Ram… it all works much faster than new on my 2013 Macbook Pro with Samsung 850Pro SSD and Crucial 16GB Ram.

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