“The beta period is over,” Jeffrey Mincey writes for Mac360. “The great HandBrake 1.x, in development for a dozen years as a beta version, now is available to rip and burn DVD movies on your Mac. The most versatile and very geeky Mac utility converts almost any video source to MPEG-4 movies.”

“Guess what? The family’s oldest iMac– the last Mac model that came with a built-in SuperDrive, and the only Mac on the Mincey Plantation that has one– still holds the last DVD ejected from the SuperDrive from two years ago,” Mincey writes. “We haven’t burned a DVD or even used a DVD on a Mac for two years. Once HandBrake got the DVD movie collection to reside on the home media server, we’re DVD free. The last DVD player we bought was $35 from Best Buy. It’s been used. Once. To see if it would work. It did.”

Mincey writes, “If you don’t mind getting your geek on and you have a SuperDrive (or any recent or decent DVD player recorder) and the requisite DVD movie collection, you’ll like HandBrake 1.x… Now, if HandBrake could capture a Netflix stream, that would be something to write home about because, for all intents and purposes, the DVD party is over.”

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Blu-ray is just a bag of hurt. — Steve Jobs, October 2008

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