“T-Mobile is the first major carrier to start ‘killing’ off the remaining Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones,” Stacy Liberatore and Abigail Beall report for The Daily Mail. “The Washington firm has begun rolling out a software update to the handsets that will prevent batteries from charging.”

“The idea behind the update is to encourage those users who have not already returned their recalled handsets to do so,” Liberatore and Beall report. “T-Mobile is just the first carrier to roll out the push, as it is said that AT&T and Sprint will jump on the bandwagon on January 5, reports CNET.”

“But, Verizon customers will still be able to charge their phones plagued with battery problems,” Liberatore and Beall report. “Samsung axed its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in October this year, stopping production of the faulty device a day after it halted global sales of the product and offering everyone their money back. The South Korean tech giant said it made the final decision to stop production for the sake of consumer safety, after a huge number of the phones overheated and spontaneously burst into flames.

An exploded, post-fire Samsung Galaxy Note 7

An exploded, post-fire Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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MacDailyNews Take: Anyone who buys Samsung-branded products is a fool.

Samsung has no clue why their phones explode, yet they shipped replacements anyway, assuring their customers they were safe.

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