“If any other major tech company had the kind of year Apple did in 2016, it’s a fair bet that they would have been crucified by investors and pummeled by critics,” Chris O’Brien writes for VentureBeat. “For each quarter so far in 2016, Apple posted year-over-year revenue declines, the first time in more than a decade. The first nine months of 2016, Apple reported $139.77 billion in revenue, down 12.5 percent from $159.11 billion for the same period a year ago. Profits also were down throughout the year. Unit sales of its major products, the iPhone, iPad and Mac, were down or soft. The main bright spot was the ‘services category,’ which continued to climb thanks to traction in its Apple Music and App Store sales.”

“Oh, and let’s not forget that Apple could be on the hook for a $14.5 billion dollar tax penalty thanks to a European Union ruling that its Irish tax scheme was illegal. Or that the company apparently massively scaled back its automotive-related plans. Or that the incoming president of the United States criticized the company for manufacturing its products overseas,” O’Brien writes. “Naturally, the stock is up about 10 percent so far this year.”

“The company continues to print cash. It has enough money to continue buying back stock and and paying big dividends to investors. Apple is not going anywhere,” O’Brien writes. “Yet a golden age of blockbuster growth is clearly over. And now we’re about to find out what comes next.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple is down because they left oodles of easy money on the table this year.

A 4K-capable Apple TV would have been so easy, it’s inexplicable and unforgivable to have not had it on the market for Christmas. New iPads, even just “refreshed” with current A-series processors, would have generated significantly more holiday sales this year. Ditto for updated, even just speed-bumped, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro models.

There are just a few blatantly obvious reasons why Apple’s revenue declined in 2016.

Apple has to start addressing theses problems in 2017 – December 27, 2016