How to find out when Apple Stores have AirPods in stock

“Apple’s AirPods wireless earbuds are the most hard-to-find gadget of the moment, with no pairs in stores and shipping dates from estimated for 6 weeks from now,” Henry T. Casey reports for Tom’s Guide.

“Fortunately, though, you can arrange to be told when the hot audio accessory arrives at the Apple Store of your choice, thanks to a new site called Is In Stock,” Casey reports. “When you visit the AirPods page at Is In Stock, you get a prompt to enter your email address and a store near you.”

Casey reports, “After clicking Notify Me, you’ll discover how the site plans to afford its costs (it doesn’t run ads), as it tells you how many people already signed up for notifications, and that you can pay to be ‘the first to know’ by buying ‘priority alerts.’ If you just want to see if the Apple store near you has AirPods for sale at the moment, this Is In Stock page lists the stores that are currently with and without AirPods.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Currently the site’s listing shows every Apple Store is out of stock of AirPods.


  1. Must be other SLC metro readers on this site?
    10 in front of me for AirPods? Or just a gimmic to get me to pay for alerts?

    I’m a Bose wired (*gasp*) noise cancelling earbud user. All day every day. The lightning to 3.5mm adapter has ruined listening-on-the-go for me. What a shitty little adapter from the worlds premiere mobile maker.

    Sucked in by the allure of the AirPods and very convenient charging method but VERY concerned the sound quality is going to disappoint. For me this is a purchase of convenience (wireless, no “horse collar” housing electronics and battery).

    My gut tells me BT earbuds as a genre are not ready for prime time and an answer to a question no one is asking.

    Not a good BT listening experience out there…I don’t think.

    1. Hi Chase! Thanks for signing up and supporting us. Displaying the user count is not a gimmick, it’s actually only displayed when there are over 10 users in the queue for a given location. We display it to upsell priority alerts, yes, but that’s the reality we live in if we don’t want to display advertisements all over the website like some of our competitors. Given that most stores are going out of stock in less than 10 minutes, it’s probably a good idea to consider the priority feature as it will get you into a priority queue.

      Let us know over at @airpodsalerts if you have any questions!

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