“With Apple reportedly discontinuing its line of wireless routers, here at Apple World Today, we’ve been testing potential replacements,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple World Today. “One that stands out is the eero home Wi-Fi system, which is handsome, easy-to-use, pricey — and with some (self-imposed) limitations. In other words, it’s a product Apple could’ve/should’ve made.”

“The eero works fine as a single 802.11ac router, but is designed to be used as a mesh network. Traditional networks rely on a small number of wired access points or wireless hotspots to connect users,” Sellers writes. “In a wireless mesh network, the network connection is spread out among multiple wireless mesh nodes that ‘talk’ to each other to share the network connection across a large area.”

“The price is $199 for a single eero unit and $499 for a set of three. And if you’re going to use a wireless mesh network product, it only makes sense to have multiple nodes,” Sellers writes. “If you can afford it and don’t mind the feature limitations mentioned, the eero system makes it a breeze to create and manage a seamless Wi-Fi network that covers a large area with reliable Internet access.”

Tons more in the full review – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: When our Airport devices give up the ghost, eero is likely the direction in which we’ll head.

If you want better Wi-Fi, you might also want to consider Eero’s Wi-Fi solution, too.

Mossberg: Eero makes Wi-Fi simpler and stronger – February 23, 2016