Apple’s Final Cut Pro X product team return to the spotlight after 5 years

Introduced in 2011, “Final Cut Pro X wasn’t a new version of Final Cut, it was a new application with the same name,” Alex Gollner writes for Medium. “As well as being completely new from a conceptual, code and UI perspective, it couldn’t even import work created in Final Cut Pro 7.”

“The marketing team at Apple had to try and stop thousands of disillusioned Final Cut editors moving to other video editing applications. It is likely that Avid and Adobe’s development team looked on at X in envy,” Gollner writes. “They would never be given enough money and time to be able to sweep away all the old code and build a replacement application suited to 21st century video production market realities and the developments in hardware since the 90s.”

“Even five years on from the launch of Final Cut Pro X, there is little trust in the world of high-end post production for Apple. Many don’t want to risk basing their workflow on Final Cut. What if they spend thousands and Apple make another sudden decision and discontinue selling professional creation applications?” Gollner writes. “How can the ProApps team get industry trust back? You don’t get trust back by saying ‘trust us.’ Trust is an involuntary human reaction. You get trust back by being trustworthy. The best way in this case would be for Apple to share their plans for Final Cut (and the Mac Pro) for the next few years — and to follow through on those plans.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple should share their plans for the Mac Pro for the next few years? Yes, but good luck with that.

Apple should offer a mini-tower Mac Pro and see how it sells vs. the Trash Can Mac Pro. After Apple figured out that they, yet again, woefully underestimated demand, they could then discontinue the failed Trash Can experiment à la the Power Mac G4 Cube and more forward with properly-equipping professional Mac users.

Contrary to what Apple seems to think lately, the company can (or should be able to, when properly managed) cater to both consumer and professional computer users.

Right now, in fact, without even speed-bumped iPads for Christmas or even an updated 4K-capable Apple TV (an obvious and easy product that should be on shelves now), Apple isn’t properly catering to either consumers or pros.


    1. You can march to your own drummer but you mighty very well end up marching alone.

      While I realize Apple doesn’t want to stop sales on current Mac Pro’s (too late!) they also need to fess up to the failed trash can experiment – well failed for many pro’s who didn’t want that kind of design factor but a more upgradeable one such as the Cheese Grater they already had.

      I hope they don’t wait until WWDC to introduce a new Mac Pro since it would seem the design work on a proper Mac Pro would be relatively easy and isn’t hampered by the miniaturization process their devices go through.

      1. “I hope they don’t wait until WWDC to introduce a new Mac Pro”

        Given that the next-gen Skylake Xeon CPU’s and AMD Vega GPUs will be out some time during the first half of 2017, I wouldn’t be surprised if they the next Mac Pro gets released at WWDC 2017. It doesn’t take 3 to 4 years just for an update. I think it will be redone.

  1. I’d like to see them do another take on the server style system they discontinued.. an Apple Blade, that in sequence would be almost infinitely expandable, rack mountable, and insanely great.. yeah I said it.

      1. You just reminded me of why I was unable to specify Xserve in a television outside broadcast truck many years ago. It may have only been 1U high, but the depth was much more than they deepest rack that we had in that vehicle and there simply wasn’t space to install a deeper rack.

        We ended up having to use a third party rack mounting case for an older, less powerful Mac, which used 3U or maybe 4U of height, which meant that it occupied valuable space that could have been very useful for other equipment.

  2. While Apple has marched to various drummers over the years, this drummer could take a few lessons from the previous drummer. The previous drummer wanted the professional, non-professional, and school markets for his products to grow and delight his products in. Apple was small at the time but when he was there he made it work. Now we have many more times the people, ideas are a long time coming, and Apple is leaving many markets to others that they should have kept for themselves. I am a FCPX user. Was a FCP7 user before. This was a good update. Thanks, but it should have been here years ago. Now the question is, when will the next major update be? If it’s another 5 years, I’ll be gone. And if the Mac’s aren’t upgraded soon, my company will be leaving the Mac and there’s nothing I can do about it. What really upsets me is that I, and many others, should never have to post this type of response at all.

  3. iMovie Pro X, dba Final Cut Pro X, was a prime example of why no person should trust anything Apple makes as a critical tool for your business,

    Years ago I noticed many customers referred to the Apple Store as the iPhone Store and that is essentially true. Server HW, server SW, Final Cut, Aperture, Logic, FireWire, Thunderbolt, the Mac Pro, Airport Wireless Routers all show a scattershot, short attention span company without follow through, consistency and commitment to the markets they serve.

    Apple has turned itself from a company dependent upon the Mac to a company dependent upon the iPhone. Even though the Mac is profitable, it could never sustain the huge overhead that has accumulated under Tim Cook. Someone needs to take Mr Cook and explain to him the fact that you do not have to make rapacious profits on every aspect of your business. Sometimes you carry a break even product as a service to your customers, for goodwill or to cultivate future business. The capricious way Apple conducts it’s business undermines the trust any reasonable person might wish to extend to Apple and it’s products. Business people are conservative about tools necessary to get the job done and have no use for employees, suppliers or equipment that they cannot rely on. Apple fucked over the very people who bought Final Cut Pro – an over $2,000 per seat software package and the Mac Pro many used to run it by breaking FCP and turning the Mac Pro into a home theater PC that is not well suited to many scientific, creative, engineering, media markets and other power users.

    My next Desktop is likely to be an HP model running Windows 10 Professional. Not by my choice- by Apple’s. Windows has cleaned up it’s code enough and Apple has fucked up OS X/ Mac OS/whatever Phil calls it today to make it essentially a push. The Macs shipping today are behind the market for technology and do not allow users to update or expand their hardware. They are also grossly overpriced and tend to be underpowered.

    Finally, Apple has gotten really cheap. When I bought my iPad Pro I got the 12 watt charger that recharges at a glacial pace for my over $1,000. To improve things, I bought the 24 watt USB C charger- approved for use on the iPad Pro- and the overpriced USB C to Lightning cable. Otherwise, I had to spend about $75 extra to get the charger Apple should be shipping the iPad Pro with. Apple has long charged premium prices for it’s product, but you used to get premium product and that is simply not the case anymore. Buy a new MacBook Pro and you no longer get the extension cord for the power adapter- it’s an extra $19. Pardon me, but at that price point that is bullshit.

    Years from now when they teach about when Apple “jumped the shark” they will have a number of points to consider, but the fact they have jumped the shark seems quite obvious. Momentum will carry them for a while, but they are not a serious software company anymore and I would not consider buying a Mac for anything other than casual use. This comes from someone who has used Apple HW from the time Jimmy Carter was President and never switched to the Mac from Windows. I also have owned Apple Stock since about 2000-1.

    1. &

      Oh god I’m so depressed…

  4. Has the barbed wire fence been installed around Campus 2 yet? Because they may as well be on a desert island for the interest they take in outside commentary expecially from its users. Accepting it from Steve Jobs was one thing but from Mr Cook it takes rather more disconection than most of us have available. Especially when there are so many delays, missteps and errors that creep into the routine. The problem of simply taking a profit perspectivetive on every move without any consideration of their effect on other products, the platform perception generally and the company’s trust amongst its users and developers which means the cost later might be much greater than the odd saving now.

  5. “Apple should offer a mini-tower Mac Pro and see how it sells vs. the Trash Can Mac Pro”

    Mini-tower MacPro would beat the everlivin’ daylights out of the Trashcan Mac because there is no reason to force buyers of a MiniTower to fork over $10K to get a decent machine.

    Apple needs to innovate an easily upgradable minitower which has reasonable specs and upgradability for less than $3000. Surely that is possible. It doesn’t have to be as light as helium because it is supposed to sit on or under my desk!

    Return the MacPro to the spotlight after 5 years please.

  6. Apple is being Suicidal by neglecting Pros and Kid/teen power users.

    S U I C I D A L

    Wake up and Shake up Tim and team or it will be too late… (its dangerously close already )

  7. Pardon the redundancy but i feel compelled to post this again.

    Stupid product decisions… dDsconnect from their user.

    To name a few..

    The Igore battery case

    -The stupid round pencils design.. slippery … rolls off.. has no pin to secure on shirt, has no way of saying attached to its companion device.. bogus ridiculous charging solution. plus missing basic functions.. (it draws nice with minimal latency… but as a complete solution is half baked )

    -Magic mouse.. incredibly bogus charging solution,

    -MacBook pro… battery life is a joke… limited Ram … all soldered components and un-upgradable … on a pro product?

    -Touch bar…well nothing amazing or revolutionary … ..just good. I personally think Touche’ , touchbar’s onscreen equivalent to be more productive … (but must admit… the touch bar is a piece of beautiful execution)

    -iPad pro…. bogus use of Pro name….. without an IOS PRO no ios product is even remotely close to a pro product. user manageable file sys is a must… full blown application are a must ..not fragmented snippets of apps that make one have to move between 10 apps to complete s simple task. mind u ,all this with no user manageable file sys …its a joke.

    -nN macpro refresh… this has nothing to do with supply chain….its a deliberate negligence.

    -Mac pro’s bogus ( cant innovate , my ass ) design .. useless to a pro in a pro environment.

    – Imacs. no news. long overdue..

    -Apple displays.. non existant… one has to flash LG on their desk while using an apple product WHY? …(your solution of sticker noted )

    -Ives clutter free obsession… bogus… its bullshit sales talk……

    -The only thing this philosophy has done is remove clutter from their device , reduce functionality and transferred all the shit to my desk”s top and carrybag in form of dongles, cables, hubs and external devices . massively off balance

    -iPhone… 3 years no form factor change.

    -Apple tv.. disaster in os/UI and functionality and design. its the worst thought out product by Apple. A tv that has zero predictability in UI .. each channel is a universe of its own…. no centralization of favorites.. no reminders… very poor discovery …nada… a bogus fragmented experience. and then the remote and its d- ergonomics .

    -iTune’s convoluted mess.

    -Promoting movies in Apple Music… WTF… music is music , movies are movies…

    -Apple music app interface… no landscape mode… why?

    -Airpods….. its just absurd that they announced to release it in october..but to this day they have not resolved a most fundamental aspect of it: synchronizing sound between both pods….! … feels like a joke. ……..makes me wonder how far ahead is Apple with their gems(if any ) in their labs and their R&D…. if they are still working on a past product .

    -The mysterious place called iCloud. where i am commonly loosing music or photos…or am unable to move things around easily .

    -Ditching awesome products.. or washing them down to uselessness.

    -IMO the worst/Jurassic spell checker , contextual word/sentence recognition engine(that seems to get worse everyday ) ….pooooor dada analytics – AI engine.. miles and miles behind the competition . . ..

    add on top.. supply issues and botched product releases.

    the list can go on…. and on…

    Apple has become an idiosyncratic Dogmatic entity.. my way or highway … Focused on fashion rather than function. way out of balance ..way !

    Worlds most valuable company.. a Fashion company?… no F-ing way…. that is massively shortsighted. Fashion is here today ..gone tomorrow.

    Apple has to deliver 110% on all fronts , Zero holes!… for them to justify their Premium.

    Or mark my words.. others are standing in line to eat Apple’s breakfast, lunch and dinner….and they are Hungry !

  8. MDN, are we related? On same page as you.

    Where are:
    Mac Pros
    Mac Mini
    Sensible shipping times for MacBook Pros for Xmas
    Apple TV that is actually WORTH buying nd not laughing at
    Apple 4k Displays
    AirPods – again missed the holiday season (great job Tim!)
    iTunes stop being bloated

    But we have bedazzled pink iPhones… that are thin?!?!?!?


    Best post from Adlib, SO true:
    “We have exciting things in the pipeline.” – T.Cook 2012
    “We have exciting things in the pipeline.” – T. Cook 2013
    “We have exciting things in the pipeline.” – T. Cook 2014
    “We have exciting things in the pipeline.” – T. Cook 2015
    “We have exciting things in the pipeline.” – T. Cook 2016

    PLEASE sign this simple petition to get this clown out of this important job. I am willing to bet ANYONE other than him would do a better job. TIM COOK HAS TO GO!!!!

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