“Apple has invested in four subsidiaries of Goldwind, China’s largest wind-turbine manufacturer,” Josh Horwitz and Echo Huang report for Quartz. “ach branch is located in a different province—Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, and Yunnan—and Apple will take a 30% stake in each, according to a Dec. 7 statement from Goldwind (link in Chinese). The specific terms of the deal remain undisclosed.”

“Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental initiatives, told local media that the investments in wind turbines will collectively yield 285 megawatts of clean energy,” Horwitz and Huang report. “The company hopes to direct the power toward manufacturers connected to Apple’s supply chain.”

“This is not the first time Apple has invested in a renewable energy project in China. In June 2015 it launched a joint venture with California-based SunPower, a maker of solar panels, to build two solar projects totaling 40 MW in Sichuan, which it completed in October of that year,” Horwitz and Huang report. “Since much of Apple’s production occurs in China, investing in green energy initiatives helps it reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing. It also aligns with the Chinese government’s initiatives.”

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