“Apple recently released the first MacBook Pro redesign since 2012, and in typical Apple fashion, there’s been some controversy over the new machines. People are talking about are the lack of legacy ports, and the need for adapters to use current devices and accessories,” AppleInsider reports. “With so many Macbook Pro users waiting for this redesign, AppleInsider takes a closer look and compares the new 15-inch model to the old to see if you should upgrade to the 2016 model, or stick with 2015’s version.”

“The new MacBook Pro is smaller in every dimension from the previous model. Even though it’s not a huge change on paper, the change is immediately noticeable in person. If your MacBook Pro travels with you, you’ll appreciate the smaller footprint. It fits better in laptop bags, where the older 15-inch model can be tight,” AppleInsider reports. “Even with the smaller and lighter design, the cooling performance isn’t compromised. In our normal usage which includes video and photo editing, it was immediately noticeable how much quieter the new machine was.”

“After about 2 weeks, we’re using the Touch Bar more and more, and do find the extra features useful. The Touch Bar is really responsive and customizable, and the timeline scroll function in Final Cut Pro and skimming through video on YouTube is a big benefit of the feature,” AppleInsider reports. “There’s too many features to list here… Just like Force Touch, as time goes on there will be more uses for this technology, and it will only get better for the user.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The new, much larger trackpad alone is worth the price of admission. Plus you also get the size and weight benefits, modern Thunderbolt 3 ports, the Touch Bar and more! If you haven’t yet seen and touched one in person, get to your nearest Apple location ASAP!

As we wrote yesterday, “While we still much prefer the tiny, preciseness of the 12-inch MacBook for our backpacks, the Touch Bar make us want 13-inch MacBook Pro units instead (the 15-inch is too big for us as we’re very used to 11-inch MacBook Air units while on the road). So, how long do we have to wait for Touch Bar-equipped MacBooks, Apple?!”