“China’s Consumers Association (CCA) has formally asked Apple to investigate and answer why a number of iPhone 6 and 6s devices in the country have been shutting down without explanation,” Vlad Dudau writes for Neowin.

“According to the official information, a ‘considerable number’ of users have been experiencing issues with Apple’s older iPhones,” Dudau writes. “They are reporting that iPhone 6 and 6s models simply shut themselves off, despite having plenty of battery life left, around 50-60 percent. The devices can’t be rebooted afterwards, despite being connected to power outlets and used in adequate temperature conditions.”

Dudau writes, “Apple hasn’t commented publicly on the issue yet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Could it be something as simple as people using non-Apple MFi knockoff chargers?

That said, we did have one old iPhone 6 Plus unit that “simply shut itself off” in August. Apple couldn’t explain what caused the issue. We only use Apple or Apple-certified MFi chargers for all of our Apple devices.

We ended up buying a new iPhone 6 Plus (at a reduced price from Apple, as offered by an Apple Store employee without any knowledge of our MacDailyNews ties) that was used for those three weeks, sold for about $75 less than we paid for it, and then replaced with an iPhone 7 Plus.