VR coming to Linux and Mac in ‘a few months,’ says Valve

“Windows is the dominant force for those wanting to indulge in some VR gaming fun right now. The OS is supported by various HMDs, quality VR entertainment and games titles, and the muscle of systems makers such as Dell, MSI, and several more pushing VR adoption,” Mark Tyson reports for HEXUS. “However, Valve will encourage wider OS support by bringing a SteamVR beta to Linux and Mac OSX [sic macOS] computers ‘in the next few months.'”

“Many SteamVR experiences currently available use Microsoft’s DirectX APIs so even when SteamVR does come to support Linux and OSX they won’t be trivial to port over, even if there is a will to do so,” Tyson reports. “Perhaps, we hope, the knowledge of SteamVR prepping to support Linux and OSX [sic] will encourage software developers to use the Vulkan API to gain a wider audience.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d like to see a new Mac Pro in the next few months.


    1. Which means they aren’t very serious. to do proper smooth comfortable VR you need serious power, especially in the GPU market.. Mac does not have that.. at all… They had a chance, to get in, they could have put the GTX 1080 into the top end macbook pro.. but they when cripple ware instead.. you need like 3 of those AMD chips just to get close to what a 1080 can do… and you can get 1080’s in other laptops already. I’m not even talking Desktops yet… they could still surprise us and put dual 1080’s into a new trashcan mac pro, maybe with some actual new ram thats faster then 2100mhz.. (way to live in 2014 apple, good job…)

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