“Google has revealed a critical bug in Microsoft Windows software that could give hackers full control of your computer,” Sara Ashley O’Brien reports for CNN.

MacDailyNews Take: Not our computers. We don’t use crap.

“The search giant’s security team discovered ‘zero day’ bugs in Adobe and Microsoft software,” O’Brien reports. “‘The bug could be used as part of a larger attack to take control of the entire system,’ security researcher Katie Moussouris, CEO of Luta Security, told CNNMoney.”

“Adobe addressed the bug with an update to its Adobe Flash Player on October 26, five days after it was first notified by Google. Microsoft, however, had yet to issue a fix, so Google went public with the bug on Monday,” O’Brien reports. “Google says the Microsoft flaw still exists and can be ‘actively exploited.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Windows. Same as it ever was.

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