“This reminds me a bit of when Steve Jobs was hawking DVD drives on iMacs when everyone wanted to rip and burn CDs; he then course corrected a bit later admitting the mistake,” John Kheit writes for The Mac Observer. “It also reminds me of how Apple was tone deaf to users asking for larger screens on the iPhones. Instead of listening, Apple gave us only a slightly longer 4″ iPhone 5 (assuring us we didn’t know what we wanted, that one handed use is where it’s at), rather than listening to our needs. In each case, Apple eventually bought a clue, course corrected, and was rewarded with far improved sales.”

“They’ve lost the plot that we don’t need thinner iPhones but more battery,” Kheit writes. “They’ve lost the plot that creative professionals don’t need powerful Mac Pros with video cards, storage and other feature expansion abilities, and have fed them a disposable trash can.”

“Microsoft’s Surface Studio is cool in theory and in hardware, but after playing with one, I think Apple dodged a bullet. First, outside the apps made/updated for the 28″ touch screen, Surface Studio with Windows 10 still has the wrong interface ‘recipe.’ This is much like Microsoft’s original Tablet PC was the right idea with the wrong implementation, and which was subsequently usurped by the iPad’s right recipe,” Kheit writes. “Multi-mode UI (e.g., voice, touch and desktop PC) convergence will occur. It’s not a question of ‘if’ but when, by whom, and with what recipe. TLDR; Apple, get your ass in gear and add touch to your computers or suffer the consequences; for reference, see blackberry [sic].”

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MacDailyNews Take: Speciousness topped with a dollop of overbearing hyperbole.

Microsoft’s Surface Studio is a pricey gimmick that will be used by a handful of people (many of them paid to do so, à la the NFL with Surface tablets) while Apple’s Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pros will be in the hands of multiple millions of users within the first 90 days of availability.

And, oh, by the way: For all intents and purposes, the desktop is dead.

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