“I recently bought a space gray iPod nano,” Sophia Stuart writes for PC Magazine. “It wasn’t even on display here at the local Apple Store in Los Angeles; I had to ask an employee to retrieve one from the back; he responded with a raised eyebrow.”

“When the iPod nano arrived, I was shocked at how, well, nano it is. It’s two-thirds the dimensions of a driver’s license and doesn’t weigh much more than a box of matches,” Stuart writes. “I had a nice pang of nostalgia at the classic user interface while unboxing, though there’s really not much to unbox.”

“Is there anything I don’t like about the iPod nano? Yes. There’s no search function or back button. The start screen isn’t customizable, so I can’t remove the icons I don’t want, like fitness, live radio, and photos,” Stuart writes. “Still, considering the nano cost less than $150 [under $100 at Amazon], I feel churlish complaining. I just wanted something to play music on, and that’s exactly — no more, no less — what it does. I swipe my Metro ‘Tap’ card, put my phone on silent, select a playlist, and slip into aural bliss. Sometimes single-purpose retro tech is all you need.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Actually, Apple’s rather amazing iPod nano does more than just play music. You can also watch episodes of your favorite TV shows, movies, free video podcasts, and home videos on your iPod nano. You can listen to the news and more on the built-in FM radio and, since it also has Nike+ support and a pedometer, you can easily track your steps, distance, pace, time, and calories burned. You can, of course, listen to audiobooks, too!