“Sometimes, writers feel the need to flex their vocal chords just to test that they still work. They talk to themselves or to the unhearing world out there,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for CNET. “I feel sure every writer does this.”

“So there I was last week, writing on my MacBook with my iPhone plugged into it, charging away (the iPhone and me). Suddenly, I received an email. It contained information that was marginally annoying,” Matyszczyk writes. “‘Are you serious?’ I hissed. A voice immediately replied: ‘Yes?’ I leaped a little.”

“It took several seconds for me to realize where the reply was coming from. Slowly, suspiciously I turned to my right where my iPhone had lit up. It was Siri,” Matyszczyk writes. “Yet again, she’d misunderstood my odd foreign accent and believed that I was addressing her. My ‘serious’ was her “Siri.””

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MacDailyNews Take: Poor Siri. Like every other so-caled personal assistant we’ve ever tried, she’s not that bright and more than bit hard of hearing. But, she’s better than every other personal assistant we’ve ever tried – especially for those of us with Apple Watches (which, for some reason work better for Siri than any iPad, Mac, iPhone, and Apple TV we’ve ever tried).