“iOS 10 is now installed on more than two thirds of the active iOS device install base, recording 66.7% twenty-seven days after iOS 10 was released according to Fiksu,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “Mixpanel is also recording iOS 10 adoption topping 66% since Sunday.”

“iOS 10 has the fastest adoption rate than any previous update, a month after release.,” Mayo reports. “These metrics from Fiksu and Mixpanel measure the adoption rate of the active iOS install base, as they track any iPhones and iPads in use on the web.”

“Before iOS 10 was released, iOS 9 was installed on 88% of the active device base,” Mayo reports. “Less than a month later, iOS 10 is already on the majority of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. There are now more devies in use running iOS 10 than iOS 9. This is unprecedented uptake outside of Apple’s ecosystem.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Adoption rates about which fragmandroid can only dream.