iOS 10 shows faster adoption than any previous iOS version

“iOS 10 is now installed on more than two thirds of the active iOS device install base, recording 66.7% twenty-seven days after iOS 10 was released according to Fiksu,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “Mixpanel is also recording iOS 10 adoption topping 66% since Sunday.”

“iOS 10 has the fastest adoption rate than any previous update, a month after release.,” Mayo reports. “These metrics from Fiksu and Mixpanel measure the adoption rate of the active iOS install base, as they track any iPhones and iPads in use on the web.”

“Before iOS 10 was released, iOS 9 was installed on 88% of the active device base,” Mayo reports. “Less than a month later, iOS 10 is already on the majority of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. There are now more devies in use running iOS 10 than iOS 9. This is unprecedented uptake outside of Apple’s ecosystem.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Adoption rates about which fragmandroid can only dream.


  1. I’m sure that’s true, especially since Apple is VERY persistent getting you to upgrade with reminders, etc. – none too subtle. But on my iPhone 6 Plus iOS10 is pretty darn good. Looking forward to my new iPhone 7 Plus delivery though in just a couple weeks.

  2. iOS 10 is a really good operating system. At first I was a bit annoyed with the messages App Store and animations, but after the initial flurry of animated messages from friends it’s now stopped and only used on special occasions. Today I wished my friend a Happy Birthday with the confetti animation… Felt good 😊

    Aside from that, everything else is great. It’s fast, fluid and for me it just works really really well.

  3. Yes, but these f****** reminders to update are annoying. There are situations that I don’t want to upgrade. And for older people upgrades are often confusing. I have to help them. This is a cheap trick from Apple and is more like a Microsoft attitude. I absolutely hate these reminders and that I cannot say “Don’t remind me again.” It is not consumer friendly.

  4. NAG nag nag.

    Having used Apple products for decades, I’ve learned not to be an early adopter.

    Same with macOS. Will upgrade when they issue their first corrected version in a couple of months.

    It’s easy to forget the version we’re using now of IOS or OS X/macOS at some time was promoted as their best ever.

  5. It’s because of the stupid Apple NAGWARE. That’s the thing I absolutely detest about iOS since 9.0. There’s no way to shut the stinking thing off. (Although I’d be ecstatic if proven wrong).

    Microsoft is like this. Apple’s not supposed to be like this… but sadly SOMEONE in the post-Jobs Apple thought nagware was a good idea.

  6. Well no kidding. Like everyone here is complaining about, it because of the increasing and very annoying update nags. Where’s the goddamn “never remind me” option?
    Some of us don’t want to update until 10.1 is released and stable for a while (ie no 10.1.1 a week later).
    It’s very irresponsible of Apple. You’re supposed to backup before a major upgrade so stop nagging us until we are backed up and ready to do. Not just “update overnight” or whatever the option is.

  7. I have an idea, instead of complaining about the update reminder nagging you, why don’t you just update to it – no more nag messages.

    You people do realize that you’ll HAVE to upgrade eventually as developers dump older operating systems in favor for the new features of iOS 10.

  8. This graph should denote which iOS versions pushed the nagware update versus which ones allowed the user to gracefully decline immediate updating.

    Also, this data is meaningless, since it shows in the first 15 days after release, it was iOS7 that was adopted fastest. We all know what an annoying ugly POS iOS7 was.

    Apple needs to respect its users. A reminder to upgrade should be user controlled, and by default should come no sooner than every .1 release and for every security patch, not daily. But then, it seems Apple isn’t really listening to what its users want these days. Apple can call themselves courageous all they want, but when MS pulled shit like this, every Mac user called them arrogant pricks. Pot, meet kettle. Apple is more like MS every day.

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