“I travel. I enjoy it. When I do I take my iPhone and iPad with me. I sometimes also carry a second phone which I put a local SIM card inside, and when I know I might need it I’ll also travel with my Mac,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must. “And I’m wearing my Apple Watch the whole time, too.”

“That’s a lot of great technology. Each one of those things is the best in breed: the best smartphone, tablet, notebook and smartwatch, each from the same company and equipped with fantastic features like Continuity that lets you easily work between all those platforms,” Evans writes. “A fantastic user focused experience. Brilliant tools to stay productive, entertained, connected wherever you happen to be.”

“Just so long as you remember to bring your power supply. And not just one supply, either, you need one for your Mac, and one for your Watch and one each for your iOS devices. That’s not just cables, either, that’s the cable and the brick,” Evans writes. “Why? Because Apple doesn’t sell a USB charger you can carry with you to power all the devices you use.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Boy, it sure would be nice to ditch our rather heavy, bulky bag of various cables and bricks (for our MacBook Air units, iPhones, and iPads) and be able to pack more lightly!