“If you’re just on your way to your local Apple Store to pick up a new MacBook, then you might want to wait a few weeks — a refresh of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lineup seems imminent,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “Since Apple didn’t announce any new MacBooks at the iPhone 7 launch event, analysts are now expecting that Apple will unveil new laptops before the month is out.”

“The MacBook Pro… is in serious need of a revamp considering that the last major redesign happened back in June 2012,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “What about the MacBook Air? Well, one rumor is that Apple is planning to kill off this line altogether, starting by retiring the 11-inch MacBook Air, since this space is now filled by the iPad Pro.”

Kingsley-Hughes writes, “But it doesn’t seem that the MacBook Air is going anywhere yet, and the latest leaks and supply chain chatter points to this being more of a refresh than a total redesign.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Replacing all the existing ports with a single USB-C port” would mean more than a mere “refresh” of the MacBook Air.