“I have a late 2012 Mac mini. Well, actually, I have four of them. But one of them was sick,” David Gewirtz writes for ZDNet.

“It started a few months ago, when I installed Security Update 2016-001 for El Capitan. Immediately after running the update, my machine crashed over and over again. I did an in-place OS restore in order to preserve all my files and settings. That resulted in a crash to a black screen, right in the middle of the restore. I ran the restore again, which seemed to succeed. The machine returned to reasonably reliable behavior.,” Gewirtz writes. “For a while.”

“After a few weeks, I noticed that a development tool I run regularly wasn’t behaving itself. It would launch and properly display the splash screen. But every time I touched the menu bar, it crashed. This problem was repeatable,” Gewirtz writes. “Since I had run out of ideas as to why the machine was malfunctioning, I decided it couldn’t hurt to run the hardware diagnostics. It’s important to understand that Macs released before June 2013 were shipped with the Apple Hardware Test (AHT), while those produced after June 2013 come with Apple Diagnostics. Since my machine is a late 2012 machine, I used AHT.”

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