“Having spent a week now with an iPhone 7 review unit, I can say that a headphone jack-less existence will annoy millions of people used to that port,” JP Mangalindan blathers for Yahoo Finance. “Apple tries to make that painful journey a wee bit easier by tossing in an adapter that plugs into the iPhone 7’s lightning port and lets you use your old earbuds and headphones.”

“The problem for me? I accidentally threw it out with the paper packaging the adapter came with,” Mangalindan explains. “Based on sheer principle, I refuse to fork over $9 for something I’ve taken for granted on every single iPhone I’ve owned since 2007.”

MacDailyNews Take: The fact that you’re a cheapskate moron is not Apple’s fault.

“I can’t listen to music through wired headphones and charge my phone at the same time,” Mangalindan explains. “I can’t use the pair of Lightning EarPods provided with the iPhone 7 to listen to music on or join my editors for Google Hangouts on my MacBook Pro, which still has that legacy headphone jack port.”

MacDailyNews Take: There’s an adapter for charging while listening, too, but alas it’s not free, not even for the morbidly obtuse. As for the latter, use the Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter that Apple gave you with your iPhone… oh, wait, you threw it out.

“So now I carry two pairs of EarPods around: one for my phone and one for my computer,” Mangalindan explains. “It’s frustrating when I blindly rummage through my backpack at work only to come up with the wrong pair of earbuds.”

MacDailyNews Take: Too dense to keep them in separate backpack pockets, much less be able to remember which one is which.

Mangalindan writes, “I also finally threw down $150 for a pair of wireless PowerBeats 2 headphones on sale for running. Do I regret the purchase? Not really. The PowerBeats 2 are incredibly comfortable to wear, and the audio quality is good enough for my day-to-day needs. It’s also liberating to run cord-free.”

MacDailyNews Take: So, you won’t spend $9 for a replacement adapter that you threw in the trash, but you will drop $150 (on sale, of course) on new headphones? You’re really bowling us over with logic, JP.

“The tradeoff for these issues? A larger battery and bigger taptic engine in the iPhone 7 where the headphone jack used to be,” Mangalindan explains. “I don’t mind the former — I do in fact get an extra 1-2 hours of juice between charges because of it — but I couldn’t care less about the latter.”

Full mess here.

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, you not only get a bigger battery, you get a barometric vent (for measuring the altitude changes during your runs, among other things, JP) and a little something called splash-, water-, and dust-resistance with a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529.

We await JP’s next article with bated breath: “I went a week with a pounding headache, and it was not good – because I kept hitting myself in the head with a hammer.”

How to listen to music while charging your iPhone 7/Plus – September 13, 2016