Paul Alioshin, key worker on Apple’s iPhone camera team, dead at 50

“Paul Alioshin loved tinkering with things, and it was that passion that helped him create some of the biggest technological innovations in our time, including working on the team that brought the first camera to the iPhone,” Wendy Lee reports for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Alioshin was known as a risk taker and for pushing the boundaries of technology. Friends and family say he died doing what he loved — taking his favorite vintage Fiat Abarth out for a drive on winding Highway 36 in Humboldt County,” Lee reports. “After sustaining major injuries from a car accident on Sept. 11, he died Saturday in Redding. Alioshin was 50.”

“Over his career, Alioshin worked on high-resolution projection TVs at Silicon Light Machines and took apart cameras to build a 360-degree camera under a startup called Centr Cam that was later purchased by Amazon’s Lab126,” Lee reports. “Alioshin also worked at Apple from 2005 to 2010, working on cameras in the iMac and MacBook as well as iPhones, according to his LinkedIn profile. During that time, Alioshin was part of a team that brought the camera to the first iPhone — a notable milestone, since high-quality cameras have become a signature feature of the iPhone. Alioshin was the first full-time person working on camera hardware at Apple, said Cina Hazegh, who had Alioshin as a manager when he worked at Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A tragedy. Our condolences to Alioshin’s family and friends.


  1. I don’t know if I would call it a tragedy.

    Steve Jobs said death is life’s greatest invention. I understand what he meant.

    In this case Aliosnin was still a young man. Maybe there is some tragedy in that but we are all dying.

    He sounds like the kind of man who lived life to its fullest, passions and family. And he died doing what he loved.

    Better than many kinds of slow and painful deaths. I know I would rather die instantly on the back of my Harley V-Rod than endure a slow lingering illness.

    It is those who will miss you who suffer your death. To them I’m sure we all offer condolences.

  2. I know Paul Alioshin’s wife Kat. She works in the entertainment industry and we’ve worked on Henry Selick animation projects together in the Bay area and up in Oregon at Laika. She still works on similar animation projects in the San Francisco area.

    She writes on Facebook that Paul received many patents. She showed a picture of one (looks like an award in crystal) he never got to see for localization of haptic feedback. Apparently he was very humble about his patents. Very sad day for Kat and her family.

    1. I researched him. Sadly there already are some neo-MacCarthyist crazies that insinuate he was a Russian spy (apparently, Google’s Sergey Brin, too?). This is what Clinton/StateDep MSM do to susceptible people, and the observers have warned about that beforehand.

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