“It was yesterday suggested that Apple may be partnering with Energous, developer of a wireless charging technology known as WattUp,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “The company later issued a statement downplaying the evidence for the partnership, but – notably – without actually denying it.”

Lovejoy writes, “Either way, it seems pretty clear by now that Apple is indeed waiting for either this or some similar long-distance wireless charging tech, and it is absolutely right to do so.”

“Apple should hold fire until wireless charging can be done properly,” Lovejoy writes. “Apple could have trivially incorporated today’s terrible version of wireless charging into the iPhone 7 had it wanted to, but the company clearly shares my view that this would be pointless.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All of todays’s so-called “wireless” charging contraptions all have one thing in common – some sort of wired dock or pad rendering them decidedly wired.

It’s stupid. It’s half-assed. It’s Samsungian. (Note: Do not try to charge a Samsung iPhone knockoff as it might explode and burn down your house.)

The time it takes to plop our iPhones into their docks vs. our Apple Watches onto their Magnetic Charging Docks is equal. Apple is right to wait until truly wireless charging is possible and perfected.

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